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)…THIN &

)…thin &

)…thin &       sometimes     –> t ALL    
pouring hourglass rains                     
Oh All! <– she's all within my mind or
some-suchSilly paIN___it's  killing me!   &
the silver rain falls upon eloquence  
within logic — ties me up and arrests me!

:: 02-26-2017 ::rev: 08.09.2020


IT was there within the crack
of a sun-baked sidewalk
a beaten trampled path upon

that I placed my brittle soul
next to the weeds that grew
within a gritty soiled ground

Passerby, your foot so close
to the fractured light —
I see your sole but lost my own

Is the reason why I choose
that the thumb of rule is to be
that I watch the walkers leaving me?