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WITHIN the longest NOW (love)
melted me
melted my mind
but never my THOUGHTS
(buh-bump yea) so long
was this shortest JUMP
broke my femur
so cut’em between my
now forever bleedin’
screaming, meaning
i once believed in
l o ve.

;; 0142020 ;;


EVERYTHING seems so real
the dancing trees
the talking clouds
and how you feel

When i’m alone i’m not here
everything’s gray
the world’s a memory
while you’re away

how does it feel
how does it feel
how does it feel

(to be)

a living ghost
within your skin
screaming in silence
while the world
fades away

when everything
seems so real.

:: 10-19-2018 ::

Dew Pressed Evening Light

From the dew pressed evening light
there by the biding brightly might
of my somber receding life;
as others might lesser me could not
by depressed inner sigh
was and is my stormy life
depression within the fold.
From the earliest of my days
there within me sadness lay
And all the joy of my heart
by the same tone could not fight
for self unless i be torn;
my compassion extended long
beyond the reach of my needing
own — and now as time has stretched
it’s thinning arms i find myself
a stowaway upon the desolate spot
cast aside in stormy water
still my love and beating heart
sails across the vast dark void
to comfort afflicted tormented
souls- of blue and silver sparks
by striking words and thunder talk
the angel my guardian holds my
hand (now that Heaven hears
my tears) Of a day more near
than far when shall i too find
the love as my own to comfort me.

:: 08-03-2018 ::


Dark clouds as lonely as
my heart
Weeping tears of my
so begins again the night
the fright of living life

I want to be the one
I want to leave & run
I want to see the end
I want to taste real things

All my life I wanted to feel
but had a hold upon my heart
Never had a thing to say
to the indifferent Souls
So let me feel let me hear
all the pain of my lost life

Where I belong.

Where I cry.

Where I live inside
a vault
where it’s all my
own fault.

So dark clouds as lonely
as my heart
weeping tears of my own life.

:: 11-06-2017 ::


i cannot pull myself
u  n  t  i  l
i have complete ly
f a
a   p     art

:: 10-28-2014 ::


my fear-tiny
feet patter in Side
tinyMe that room
alone and Me
my handFace
slapping fear-
hating me longer
distaste my fear
King–my costly
wasteful weakness

:: 10-05-2014 ::


HUMANS think the house
— the only haunt
As though the wood
conjures the Spirits
of other-worlds

But the mind has rooms
which lurks some evil
a cave of skull
— the dark anteroom
sometimes possessed…

Our stupidity in all
that life contains
Barely a morsel
a nibble at best
Hungry for life we be

Escape from there
to here we run
so busy are we, finishing
So leisurely
we wish it be!

:: 01-29-2014 ::


THE emotional dimension
— most interesting
a part of the human-animal
a landscape built on perception
the landfill —
of revelations | experiences
beauty and truth and joy-pain

These nuances
constitute the human-experience
do beat down
such dark hole
some call depression
— spiritual malaise
threatens to eat us alive



ELSE-MIGHT dithers
between would-could
— one slays ambition
while the other
enjoys self-delusion


IT was there within the crack
of a sun-baked sidewalk
a beaten trampled path upon

that I placed my brittle soul
next to the weeds that grew
within a gritty soiled ground

Passerby, your foot so close
to the fractured light —
I see your sole but lost my own

Is the reason why I choose
that the thumb of rule is to be
that I watch the walkers leaving me?