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Who Weeps For Whom

The world is beautiful.

The arche of Tutis weakens
by the fire of unrelenting time!

As embers cool do not weep for us
as the world is not here
it does not sleep —
as love sheaths untold dreams
as nature’s winds blow
and sight behold miracles.

A beat of a single heart
as gentle as autumn rain
the creatures of nature awaken
with morning’s hush,
 a single voice of Light
up-flinging rush
 of departed Souls unto Heaven,
is today by transcending soft
   Do not weep for me
  Do not weep for us
    we are elsewhere
  and not the dust.

:: 09.07.2022 :


there is no need for apologies
the sun sat melting over
the stubborn day’s edge

as my love does for you

And tonight well this night
a messenger sent her touch
a message ultimately meant
for us

but the nightingale sang its
melodious voice and a
noblest wisdom ate the words

intentions are well meant but
ignorance an obscuring dusty

And the moon glow is a blanket for
jilted ghosts who have no
where to sleep
as me.

:: 09-03-2018 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2012

And with a shout-sharp word
the chandelier of your heart
shatters — a burst of broken dream
the auctioneer sells your soul
what was once a sphere of tender love
now just tears and broken thole

:: 02-10-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2013


such wind blows my love upon your dreams
that flower of fields once knew bright warmth
and now the grasp of pain so cold sweeps
upon frozen tears pain hurts the soul
i should say come away — away from sorrow
but the gate between fate and me is locked
should i find that eternal key — be your heart

:: 02-08-2014 ::


LOVE was mine
less the pain
within a puddle
— the day it rained
it drowned
in capsized fashion
Humid weather
was no warning
though the black seam
— of the cloud
severely spoke
of a coming storm