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The Cedar Box

As my roses are in bloom the cedar box is locked away
with safely kept dreams.
The Light hits the window’s pane shattering forever
into pieces illuminated thoughts; my trembling fingers
touching the floor’s veins — long sturdy planks braver
than my bones, my spine and all pain.
Did you know that when the proud Moon rises from the
descending heights of waning daylight my roses are still
within their magnificent bloom?
And my hands are without purchase for the South spins
and North is beyond my reach.
But my roses are in bloom and my dreams safely kept.

:: 10-15-2018 ::


there is no need for apologies
the sun sat melting over
the stubborn day’s edge

as my love does for you

And tonight well this night
a messenger sent her touch
a message ultimately meant
for us

but the nightingale sang its
melodious voice and a
noblest wisdom ate the words

intentions are well meant but
ignorance an obscuring dusty

And the moon glow is a blanket for
jilted ghosts who have no
where to sleep
as me.

:: 09-03-2018 ::


(c) ep robles 2012

i have a box of simple things
and within its walls
i keep memories of you
— on raining days
for my heart when it weeps

so listen to me now
cherish the heart
and its moments
i would rather be alone
then with these memories

has anybody remembered you?
and does your heart ache
when the sun goes down?
i do especially for you
yes i would rather be alone

hearts are made for love
and dirt mixes good in rain
but castles in sand erode
but my love is a wave

i take me with you
each tide away
i believe in you
every day every wave

:: 02-14-2014 ::


(c) e.p.robles 2012

when the words cut so deeply
do you cry for a lost love
when a long day comes to end

and has anyone ever said
they love you in truth
chasing ghosts away most

i can say love is my heart
and what darkest sorrow
i could never give it back

and you cry death away
and life cradles you
lovely soul hold on

and listen to me now
i would rather be alone
then betray such a love

so when the wind cuts you
and when you look away
know i am always with you

:: 02-12-2014 ::


WE say sorry some days
and sometimes not
I cry rivers on stormy days
But my ancient love
Lasts out weather-love

So surprised my love
When the mason man comes
bricks lay upon bricks
a wall between you and me
protects me from crazy love

My ancient love is strong
amazed so surprised love
but the time flows between
your heart and my survival
so kiss is love and tomorrow’s



AND here I sit
— shattered
upon a ruinous estate

All the world a glass
and looking through to me
t’was nothing but a shadow

And now more of the lesser
— the church bells singing
a beginning or ending its ringing…

Perchance the dance of life
or requeim for the dead



In my heart
so disposed
As no one knows
lies and disgrace
belies the grace
beneath the sullen moon

In such remorse
searing heat
winter freeze
beneath the ice
the sun looks warm
Follow my heart
into this fitful dream

and I’ll hear you
Scream again…

Winter’s embrace
leave me alone
I don’t want to feel
your icy heart upon my face
Winter’s embrace
so much remorse
killing me – its such a haze

sad and cold
Bring me the warmth
of a good friend now
Good times are gone
but sometimes I dream
beneath the willow weeps

Please don’t come
just leave me alone
in reprise I shall sing…

Winter’s embrace
leave me alone
I don’t want to feel
your icy heart upon my face
Winter’s embrace
so much remorse
killing me – its such a haze

sometimes too long
worn out shoes
take me home
to the paradise I knew
I will kneel and pray
for all my mistakes
Heaven sends you my way

but hell prays you stay…

Winter’s embrace
Don’t you stay
Leave me to face my ways
Winter’s embrace
Don’t you say
Love can keep me any day
Just freeze my heart anyway