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(never should it be the same thing}
I ate the summer sky at night
bending reed and heart
shot the yellow jacket wing
tasted the poison of it’s sting
painted an image of my heart
upon the basin of the Mississippi
and I rode my soul all the way
across the bayou to the City
of Southern sin and drinking
the party that never ends
and I danced with the devil
and sang of Eros and Gomorrah
and god slapped my cheek
daisy faced women cried for me
as they watched my soul sink
back into the mud of the river
that rages within the heart of all
Praise the One who damns us
and the angels weep for all
and I dropped to my knees
wishing I never thought clear
where a world walks in haze
and all mother kill their babies
Is someone going to save us
is anybody going to save the world?
God? devil? Superman?
we need someone who loves
loves the filth of humanity

:: 10-03-2014 ::


There you were, locked
in a wintry summer
that long cold
volcanic winter
by Mount Tambora

You spewed German
ghost stories
by German-French tongue
Your th ou ghts

by the silky touch
of cold
a kiss from abyss
to heart

And you, Mary!
Born the Modern Prometheus!

And what say you, maker!
Mot of the clay of monster
but the soul within!?!

A brilliant mind of prose
Imagination beyond the horror
you created that day

A literary monster itself!
No thing that dispose!

:: 08-21-2014 ::


DO not confuse my
sense of mystery
with Evil…

I keep them in
separate pockets

:: 08-15-2014 ::


THE day’s assault
  a  waning
flame trimming
and now the shadows
Delightfully skip-grow
as the sun dip below
the lost chances
of another beautiful day
Dusk, tell me lies
And so,
the truth of love

:: 07-23-2014 ::


/wh/AT darkness
see(th) me(at) E my soul
I Drown c<at> the fis%sure%
@be@ low my soul lives
a dream so l(ow) l&ays
night /wh/AT darkness

:: 07-16-2014 ::


Your dolls grin in my summer
melted silver-plastic sins
and I heard a crow caw
all for my belated needs
I never tended to life
and I find myself six feet deep
My pall bearer lover needs
me and my simple sweet soul
All for you I oiled your soul machine
and I am cosmic mechanic heart
I have the skills to fix your devour-mouth
My pall bearer sees crow caw
and I’m still six feet under…
Under your high heel career
and Versace style psychotic need
And who (you) bury my bleeding
I keep your longest kiss under
— neath my broken bone cap knees
And nothing hurts like your mouth

:: 07-16-2014 ::


Such fair weather
what storm-burst!
Where caressing
heat-touch brilliant
morning sun each light
drenched step —
Warring showers within
the beautiful sorrow!
On a blue sky mourning
my bruised heart singing
songs-bluejay melodies

:: 06-20-2014 ::


and when honey dew
drips away
that crack from fear
too small
to see
but hate and anger
fought that stage —
I am left
with sad
speckled nest-less
in tender hands
If a plant, from tears
they would grow
but now, wingless
lovely eggs to bed
I bury you in dreams

:: 04-13-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles

LITTLE child come inside
the cold will freeze you
and your soul will turn
to that ice that burns

but mama what’s inside
is worse than the cold
what’s inside will kill
my tender little soul

so i walk the sidewalks
and my tears melt ice
and my soul a little boy

loneliness is a pain
that follows sorrow
and i pray for tomorrows

let burn my swollen tears
inside a wintry life
and what i see i cry
and what sounds — kill me

oh i am just a boy
but my soul so ancient
and the wrinkles smile
they say oh lonely one

time alone is good
it heals the heart
and you are never alone
your angel walks with you

:: 04-04-2014 ::


in truth i wish to throw up
the viral mess of insanity
and my belly turns and ache
what strange magic changed
the now and here into strange
i hate the people who walk
talk and text and do-sickness
and that latte too — break
i wish for human truth now
and should die soon if not

:: 03-22-2014 ::