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Like a three-legged cat
found myself in a garbage can
rummaging through my mind
discarded cans a popsicle stick
hmm maybe a forth-leg to fit
i don’t cry any longer
since i heard the life of a
great lyricist died awhile ago
so now i live within the walls
of a calloused heart with a moat
of life’s jokes as shark’s teeth
i’m such a slut for life and now
i’m so high i don’t feel sad anymore
all these tears calcified within
the womb of a miscarriage:oh god
the afterbirth sings to me: “never
ask anyone to love you”

:: 09-01-2015 ::


I’m so kicked and scarred
by this life gotta say mama
never told me how hard
living could be
and a bullet in my side
so dad called the police
and i said, ‘i’m all alone,
on a highway so dead
never alive.’
“are you the one
911 told us about?”
say the medics with their guns
the driver was a pig with
the hungry look needing
grits ooh! and a white tunnel
to the life of the never-after
someone said, “don’t bother
pressing his dying heart”
and the driver yelled,
“got a cramp in my foot
can only drive 55!”
found myself at the gates
one deep south another far
north and both spirits said
“your dead and alive,
got to say no admittance!”
and the DA said we got a jury
to give him life — i’m so
happy, finally life!

:: 07-05-2015 ::

If By the Largest Mistake

if by the largest mistake
i should find love
then by that mistake
i should be measured by
when mountains have crumbled
and oceans be dry
i shall embrace my mistake
and too, remember my life!

:: 03-18-2015 ::


A LINGERING indecision laid bare…
and morning sighed with me beside
an internal debate flees — asylum
With turmoil between fret and fear

So I decide…

A narrow splinter jiggles in the mind
Like how someone treated me – a wreck;
Love, like us, a barren and somber alter
Without her triptych

And questions remain…