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Edison was an a$$hole but Tesla a true gentleman of scientific  progress and

even though they do not know we are simply looking through the papers of life”s

nature;  life flows like…

B u t t e r f l i e s –> and someday rocks will sing ;

‘we wish you love and we wish you peace’     
yea oh
oh yea wish we lived within a better time than now     now-now       no hearse pulls a u-hall behind it now-now if you give it away give it all away i say and moths have no feed-time on a closet of emptiness   as empty heads require no hats — there-there;who wears a real hat these days?    Sinking waters hold ships tighter than leather-skin and she was a grand woman with      a long neck and longer abdomen– forgive the orchids for they ate her and spat up fluorescent pink angel hair.




“Today’s so good” my eyes said
not a cloud inside my head
And so you’ll know
picking up all the pieces
isn’t fun
but it’s what we sow
inside our bed
And i’m so clear yes my dear
just a monkey inside a cage
flinging angry feces
toward a world that has fled
And so it goes
And so it goes
And so it’s dead
Kissing the porcelain doll
on it’s shattered head
Am i the only one?
Am i the only one?
Am i the only one
biting on the metal
of a social warhead?
The gene of God
is what’s been bred
the gene of God
is what’s been bled
and the horror’s all
inside our head
so we’re dead.

:: 05-27-2018 ::


Hi so high!
you know me
we go so far
far away we
pretend we live
oh you know me
i love dirty words
kangaroo pouch
were i keep my
secrets and you
are so dirty /words
over ramparts into
the crease of zero
night:we are strangers
to the light and
contagious to the cross
–a symbol of self-assured
knowledge of incomprehensible
meanings::yeah oh yeah
the monster of assumptions
so i gave you a gift of anger
so make it your tower of
meaning, leaning, forceful
living to entertain your
meaning /-/and we are a
pebble in a river
a blemish upon a face
a health condition
in a cardiac ward
so hello hey you oh yeah
feeling stupid and failure
in a trash bin next to
aborted fetus
the world is a puss bucket
of confused thoughts

:: 08-07-2015 ::


I’m so kicked and scarred
by this life gotta say mama
never told me how hard
living could be
and a bullet in my side
so dad called the police
and i said, ‘i’m all alone,
on a highway so dead
never alive.’
“are you the one
911 told us about?”
say the medics with their guns
the driver was a pig with
the hungry look needing
grits ooh! and a white tunnel
to the life of the never-after
someone said, “don’t bother
pressing his dying heart”
and the driver yelled,
“got a cramp in my foot
can only drive 55!”
found myself at the gates
one deep south another far
north and both spirits said
“your dead and alive,
got to say no admittance!”
and the DA said we got a jury
to give him life — i’m so
happy, finally life!

:: 07-05-2015 ::


MANY masks i have seen
and a few i have known
but the most diabolical
are not masks of evil
nor the grotesque
but the innocent faces
which hide behind
the truest of evil
: the sociopath



when i had a face
i’d hide it
sometimes in shoes
my feet told me where to go
sometimes in pockets, money says
buy this to make it feel good
there’s got to be a better way
to live life gotta be a painless
way to be in life
when i see modern culture
i see plastic minds
when i cry i see blood
upon the face of mankind
there’s gotta be a better way
hey! i’m pissing life
just because you’re weird
doesn’t make you special
just because you wear a
straight jacket doesn’t
make you insane in life
but a suit clearly does

:: 07-05-2015 ::


THE first heart to be loved by its most bitterest
friends has died broken and destitute;  a worn
flag flown across all this ruinous Nation
of an Anti-amorous planet and dirty children
throw their mud-crusted hands into the air
and weep for their heroes and whores and addicts
say, ‘Tis the last day of Earth’ \\ Let the shadows
swallow the deepest throats of Hollywood
Let the tendrils of Unforgiven
snake through Wall Street
and Squeeze the puss from
the Wallets of Hungry Warlords
but save the Unicorns and
the Tender Butterfly-Lips
of all the World’s children!

06-13-2015 ::