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if LOVE then we/AS were-Able to defeat
boredom by familiar Strategies (whispering)
a discovery of unknown lands of each
other’s bodies \AND minds too, yes minds
too is how you Reached Deeply within my Heart
by way of Unique Thoughts my dear love; squish
boredom with my Mind–kissME here and here
and even there!

:: 03.21.2020 ::


the sound of forgetting is beautiful
and requires no talent ;
all one must do is Remain
Silent upon a beating drum
then one must think of
& one must believe in
Miracles before these events called for—>
getting grow within fields we have forgotten
but still walk upon _/–\_ while recognizing
all the spots where we have hidden our land-
Mines — all within fear_______________&
empty space is the sound of forgetting.

:: 03.07.2020 ::


then fear is ahead

when noone pays attention

back is forward when still

who c ould really kiss you

as you fly into space

while Spring is upon our world

if Heart approves this

f e eling of deepest confusion

my Soul approves exceptional

wisdom; your eyes wide and lips

parted to partake the rituals

within this domain called ‘life’

sweet spirits and souls i swear

wisdom the ingredient for a spicy

meal –the only holy m eal

of hearts dancing.

:: 02-08-2019 ::

F E A R   D I S E A S E

Impossibility has the sharpest teeth
as though a beast unseen within a
forest;  we turn away and give
chase to our thickening disease called
fear and the largest of life’s milestones
are as dust spread across a desert.
And at night while the moon is hiding
her light, thoughts-into-words come
out of the darkest corners while the
clock’s second-hand grinds and goes
grinding;  ten fingers cannot hide an
expression of helplessness and disgust
and two palms protect a jawbone made of
A branch dancing against the wind;
as a long bony fingernail it scraps
the outside bedroom wall,
a mote of dust now weighs a ton
and comes to rest upon your chest,
night-noises have died and then
they come.
The falling darkness as a gush of wind
encases fragments of time as an amber-tomb.
        into the forest;
and out of your body into that black odor
called fear.
:: 05-03-2018 ::

Thimble & Needle

Thimble and needle hear

my words

you’re too busy these days

to love

I’ve followed you through

and through

the toughest patches of life

and now my thread

has grown too thin

And we’ll never survive

never survive never survive

the stitching of our hearts

Paper, rock and scissors

needles, pins and threader

rulers of horror measure

the terror of my nightmare

as I watch the needle

of your busy work pierce

the tissue of my heart

I’ll never survive

never survive the sowing

of the madness

that’s your mind

:: 04-21-2018 ::


MOTHER, all the monsters are now gone as Love and Spirit have \defeated them;
and what is left is a gaping holethat can only be filled by Light and Soul.

Gripping my throat / gripping my soul / gripping all life;

Is my fear\is my fear\is all my undying fear

AND my lover, the other; a woman who stole my heart — i gave her all
that of good & bad; and my heart — always one too!

Don’t you breath upon me my fear!
don’t you tread upon me evil one!

If I could cry and I’ve tried
If I could sleep and I would
I would never belie this fact:
that many hearts are darkly lit
but never within my own heart!

:: 12-01-2017 ::
Rev: 02.24.2020


The reason we have war among ourselves is because we have no idea
of the true terror that resides next to us all…
and it is nonhuman.

:: 06-25-2017 ::


SO             kill  me.               HATE        ME.

say how much                 you love me
BEE cause i’m weak.

and so you waste me
and my name // SO YOU
are the only One
are the only whore
who hates me \\

so don’t kiss me
or rave how you love
to hate me or love me
cause we’re dead.
And hell is full
and busy with lost
thoughts of the dying!

So   r  ape     m e.

:: 01-11-2017 ::


IF all things are like emotions
like something worthy
so fattered by your
focus upon me ;
So big guys talk
like evernothing do
it must be very nice
to never do –>to
simply release an object
like my heart
please shut the must-be
i’ll watch it burn me
–share that i’m not
alone but just uninvited
you are an angel and your wings
get washed within the soap of
uncharted territory so hell
is an experience like mine before
solemnly myself reminds me of a mess,
asking, “love, the reason i drink dream
from the deepest sleep of life”
I do not think you are unworthy
but need a moment to think if
I’m ever worthy.

:: 11012015 ::


but if i should say
first ‘good morning’
a torch of even seas
a clip of bellow sails
a cut across the wrists
telling all:  all sorts
of quickly things on
the crest of ‘isn’t me’
and heaven sees
the slate of that
nigger face(but
i take a ride upon the
razor-life of innocence
if my mouthMoving speaking
‘isn’t me’  let me glib
sprinkled words  god has
short apron strings once
a male now myself
so I sayTHANK YOU all
so very muchCUT myself
and i love how the world
burns hurting and loving
every brain but not the
Souls of ISN’T ME let me
hold lips and Eyes of
the h ate and  f ear
that cuts innocence
:: 09-02-2015 ::