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THIS! Each moment bathed
in blood and where oh where
is thy King?
The winds speak louder!
And dirt is stronger than steel
and when a soul screams:
“let us do something oh! Something
grander than this!”
And anger of captive souls so
deeply felt ask, “why must the
nightingale sing always,
when it is darkest before lit
skies crease my heart?”
Maybe true, maybe so — the
morning’s risen sun is God’s
own heart!

:: 07-27-2015 ::


AND which feather has tickled you
the one of sorrow for perceived lost
or that one which bring joy and tear
I confess that both have touched
that grand heart within that cage
— hush now, feather-heart
there be always summers each year
and many sunrises-surprises-smiles

:: 03-10-2014 ::