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I kiss delightedly tender
crisp promise lips
the softly rose my-budding
flower petal [excites me]
and forgive my confusion
the tongue lost in promise
a greatest ever evening!
My wife and forever lover
Two rivers bled into one
Today is an eternal Forever

:: 07-04-2014 ::


I was the perfect
appliance for you
fitting so nicely
between your stove
and kitchen sink

I saved you time
and cooked dreams
a perfect buddy
I wiped your tears
when your apron
hugged too tight

I reminded you
of a promise
your tears soaked
into the stonework
and my song
killed the moment
when I sang it…

I am a dream
in your brain
a domestic fear
you have to run
a perfect dream
so special dear
you run from me

I promise dear
a warranty too
our secret washes
and cycles heat
leave no stains
just lemmon bright

I save you time
a special moment
when life holds you
and role models die
but sweetheart hear
that you are perfect

you are a dream
more than he knows
you’re fucking special
so fucking special
you are a dream girl
and i love you so much

:: 04-14-2014 ::



I gave you my body

what more do you want?

A season’s pass

through my kitchen?



I saw a reason today
to walk into a war
and she said it’s okay
and I went for family

and i was a brave heart
and mortars fell beside me
and the day never ended

one day I took a phone call
and she said today my dear
something has changed
and it’s my heart

I took bullets and death
and my dream was for you
and the children at your feet

she used to love me a lot
and I remember the good times
and prayed it’s not too late
to start again to start again

but her bullets tore through me
and her war was more than that
where i was sitting that day
and today i am a casaulty

she used to love me
yes, she once loved me
but the war is now won

I gave it my best shot
but love is an enemy at best
and God has His plan for life

:: 04-02-2014 ::


THAT vast wintry move
become more than ice
a chasm between souls
where once danced fire
now quietly —
lay broken tear

:: 03-10-2014 ::


WITHIN a room
of glass and flower
I handed the bride
to the groom
A howling wind
within my fields
that single point
an eternal blade
through mortality
divided my soul
one youth —
the other old

:: 03-10-2014 ::


AND which feather has tickled you
the one of sorrow for perceived lost
or that one which bring joy and tear
I confess that both have touched
that grand heart within that cage
— hush now, feather-heart
there be always summers each year
and many sunrises-surprises-smiles

:: 03-10-2014 ::