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BEEN chewing on life-gum bubbles
chasing my cat down the sunset strip
wishing -DAMN! Velcro is a solution
(meow) for purring distractions
Walked tumbled cracked my head
at the bottom of my life-stairs
all because Tazo slept three steps
from the top of my lobotomized
head! Ouch! Pain! Go away.
Saw the sunset upon a orange
eye-lid horizon made of fur
Claws are lightening bolts
and thunder broken hearts
missing the litter box
missing the letters that rock
my miserable lonely heart
My love my hate my feelings
my wanting to love pets
but they have an agenda
and so my cats want to kill me
kill me! Want to kill me

:: 11042015 ::


THE cat with three eyes
saw the mouse with two
said the mouse to the cat,
“i’ll gladly give you cheese
for an eye” whisker-twitching
thinking-cat pondered…
said, “if the toy gets trapped
under the refrigerator,
was it ever a toy at all”
the mouse wept knowing
a third eye is god-like

:: 09-11-2015 ::


THEY all become my pets
it’s getting worse
when i realized my
pain was hanging by
a thread behind
the walls across the yard
the finest day i ever had
inside a deep pit
where drops of tears
hang in the air
that hummingbirds lick
and the sun burns away
somewhat like my life
and there’s something
in the wind i cannot see
but feel like the hope
beneath my skin that crawls:
it asks: do you love yourself?
and i have no words to explain
so i won’t complain
they’re all my pets

:: 07-25-2015 ::