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Tibetan Breakfast

HOW ugly is beautiful in its exquisite way
and how beauty can be the definition of ugly!

    AS if from great nature’s own abyss
of stores we compare prices  between needs
and wants.  

But miss —

  the philosophical points of existence.

How wonderful is the line of straight and
true:  we can ignore it or perish upon
it’s edges of right or left ~~ which is
the Tibetan breakfast of enlightenment?

Only one eye can tell the truth.

:: 06.23.2022 ::


DREAMING closely i kissed nature
within everything and where it
was: dreaming i dreamt i was
back within myself
within a stain’d-spot
counting all the looks &
remembering all souls’ reflection
(is it all i wish to be?)
i find myself too afraid to
see. Dreaming delusions of
a storm of phantom numbers
where all beings die:
almost 8 billion years after
Earth ceases to exists —
is there any lamp post to see?
are the alley’s shadows all
you wish to be?
many wise hearts speak-spoken
so mysterious and fashionably
sensible you failed —
life breaks my heart.

:: 07.19.2020 ::


Laughing is absolute freedom
while Wishing is the well of slavery
And Pain and suffering is the glue
to bind soul and spirit.

:: 10-07-2017 ::


Immaterial – formless;
the imbued by Spirit
and body is more!
That patterns determine
rain, snail and flower
and more by zero
but most by Soul!
And innumerable
Infinities that come
and go!

:: 08-17-2017 ::


THE cat with three eyes
saw the mouse with two
said the mouse to the cat,
“i’ll gladly give you cheese
for an eye” whisker-twitching
thinking-cat pondered…
said, “if the toy gets trapped
under the refrigerator,
was it ever a toy at all”
the mouse wept knowing
a third eye is god-like

:: 09-11-2015 ::


THERE once was a home  where love was drunk
say do you know south? it’s near hell on earth
and i like tinker toys a classic toy that brings
grandparents, parents and kids together
–when i was a kid culture was in a dish
of phlegm and raw pain
spools, rods, flags,
washers, and end caps!
and if undetected mental health issues keep people
from bouncing upon rubber-walls
build a windmill! using the hands in life of the body god
gave me!    and i refuse to eat after psycho-surgery
tak!  tak!  talk with me i’m so lucid i cut flowers
with the edge of the burning sun
burning — tinker toys!
aah!  away!  got a Living
Will and do not resuscitate: everywhere i smell semen
and crushing ovum eggs upon the sidewalk of life!
yellow chicks are cute
as flesh-babies just born
Baby breath burn me!
:: 08-05-2015 ::


Working diligently the self-aware machines
created their own science and understanding
of the universe.  In doing so they redefined
the language given to them by their creators.
The post-scientific paradigm was not one of
numbers or exotic symbolic equation but of
artistic expression which most clearly defined
the creative force and…incredibly, love.

:: 02-23-2014 ::


IN the house of your highness
with a King always away
You’re the queen of all your senses
In all the countries of our world
So let everything slide off of you
all the stress and drama of days
Delete all man infestations  
delay all the destruction
manifestation keeps the old world
and each new day will be your way

And in between all the confusion
call upon the unseen eye
that chakra of love be with you
and let love rein in blood and life
There is no deeper risk in life
than loving life and tasking risks
There is no deeper way than this
so rise higher than your world
the purpose is life and love is there

There is a deeper way
than what you know
and love — the seventh wave —
is the future and only way

:: 01-29-2014 ::


WE have no choice
but to accept free will


LIFE is static save the canvas
it rolls and tosses across
the spectrum of all our souls