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every eye upon the ledge lying down sun sets
and WHY-wonders it drew a bead upon my head
and why does my eye see no-thing sweet
instead a dream where lovers sleep
it’s all inside my head and beaver-slapped wood
with all its might a thick tail to kill
the currents of life
and i wept instead of watching the softland
of head and life’s going inside my heart
and so i dreamed:
the mind-spirit of falling dew
saddened all for my mistakes of
falling upon the stairs of life
and life splits
scattering into
a gathering grass
for cats

:: 01-11-2015 ::


BEEN chewing on life-gum bubbles
chasing my cat down the sunset strip
wishing -DAMN! Velcro is a solution
(meow) for purring distractions
Walked tumbled cracked my head
at the bottom of my life-stairs
all because Tazo slept three steps
from the top of my lobotomized
head! Ouch! Pain! Go away.
Saw the sunset upon a orange
eye-lid horizon made of fur
Claws are lightening bolts
and thunder broken hearts
missing the litter box
missing the letters that rock
my miserable lonely heart
My love my hate my feelings
my wanting to love pets
but they have an agenda
and so my cats want to kill me
kill me! Want to kill me

:: 11042015 ::


THE cat with three eyes
saw the mouse with two
said the mouse to the cat,
“i’ll gladly give you cheese
for an eye” whisker-twitching
thinking-cat pondered…
said, “if the toy gets trapped
under the refrigerator,
was it ever a toy at all”
the mouse wept knowing
a third eye is god-like

:: 09-11-2015 ::


Meow meow m e o o o ow!
the felis domesticus
beasts that smother me!
CAT! When thoughts rest
exists ~~~ a resting cat

she ran out of the bag
shall never I put her
back within!
:: 06-302-2015 ::


sweet plush purr
like a squeeze-
box when sleeping!
little kitty making
squeezing songs!
dreaming sleeping
while the day
is so young!

:: 02-21-2015 ::


UNDER the silver-eyed moon
where it always hangs
it spoke by way of Monday
i saw upon the horizontal
fence the eyes of a cat
too, its eyes spoke
and three eyes now
upon my soul, counting me
— five in all
Soon the clouds had shut
the moon, meowed the cat
and skipped away
leaving me with two
i could watch Rome
with five but two —
too few for my to-night
But the cat exquisitely ran!
But not so elegantly the moon!
And me, two eyes two feet
two glazed, too stiff
where i always hang

:: 11-11-2014 ::


i step upon my
sun-pool dreams
a winter moon
this morning
cathedral spine
my kissing spring
talking symbols

and the riddle
of anguish at peace
with resurrection
if longer — smiles
the nights grow
devouring man

And zero zebra,
undulating umbrella
dancing in front
of my little church
i touch with spire

Today is a winter moon
in summer or spring
and fall between me
three cats, a broken heart

:: 10-13-2014 ::