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SLEEP awake. Sleep. Wake. Now _> tell me;
what is madness if not waking up to this same
day without a Savior: so gently hush
your eyes and fly with me (You see doctor:
‘WITHIN every dream my
heart takes the final steps
toward oblivion. With every beat-step I take takes
me much further from something we call Heaven.’

And when standards of living fall dizzy it’s only
a true force and we question is there a heaven?”

and as a madman I dream and say:

“I am the butterfly who moves mountains and hurricanes
I am chaos dripped in color on a journey by seven suns.”

So shut your precious eyes and sing and dream

“I, too, am an alien in human flesh
trying to feel human too…”

So we suffer! As children without parents.

:: 04.17.2022 ::


i sang tangerine
tune-summer ending bursting
green fields of your heart
we laughed running through
ivory key-feet swiftly: chasing
life down into her brook of water
toe-tipped dipping prose :: you
are me and i am Y((ou))
writing poetry inked by leaves
we took the tree to task
and she gave her leaf of
color for the book we write
the words of our love

no: oh, tell it to
the world — they may never
care! for P O E T R Y

:: 08-21-2015 ::

TOME (dangerous friends inside one’s head)

ATE a memory of all my life & despised my refrain: how soil  and seed brings life or death
 your back turned (i feel blessed)  deciding style and finance
 were your gods so eat what you sow  & throw away wheat &  golden strands of souls

If inside mysterious feelings
you feel stupid and contagious
it’s best to feel a little sick
  and always will do oh do
 until  End / hello \ hell no |
Inside light sounds dangerous voices and touches vicious
 :a baby a fetus –| we tend to forget what makes us smile inside
our horrored MINDS.  Hell oh hell oh hello WAS a mysterious tasting of
stupid feelings worth the pain?
    worse or worst is all a gift even though Life must be better
   before it all Ends.

:: 12.17.2021 ::


WISH my heart soft Libra
i was rotting inside a cedar box
riding reaching North Star
— hey.  Oh.  Wait.  I screamed
i was forever hating the thick-backed
men raping my love.
OH angel fell; bellicose /tears\
lose my hate:  whatever.  I forgot
my childhood and became what i am.
Forever wounded.

raped mother.

I was locked inside my MOUTH-moth
maggot  lips eating cancer breath.
  Hey!  How we live.  How we die.
forgiving memories that melt life.
Your fire.  Inside my heart.

:: 10.19.2021 ::