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TOME (dangerous friends inside one’s head)

ATE a memory of all my life & despised my refrain: how soil  and seed brings life or death
 your back turned (i feel blessed)  deciding style and finance
 were your gods so eat what you sow  & throw away wheat &  golden strands of souls

If inside mysterious feelings
you feel stupid and contagious
it’s best to feel a little sick
  and always will do oh do
 until  End / hello \ hell no |
Inside light sounds dangerous voices and touches vicious
 :a baby a fetus –| we tend to forget what makes us smile inside
our horrored MINDS.  Hell oh hell oh hello WAS a mysterious tasting of
stupid feelings worth the pain?
    worse or worst is all a gift even though Life must be better
   before it all Ends.

:: 12.17.2021 ::


WISH my heart soft Libra
i was rotting inside a cedar box
riding reaching North Star
— hey.  Oh.  Wait.  I screamed
i was forever hating the thick-backed
men raping my love.
OH angel fell; bellicose /tears\
lose my hate:  whatever.  I forgot
my childhood and became what i am.
Forever wounded.

raped mother.

I was locked inside my MOUTH-moth
maggot  lips eating cancer breath.
  Hey!  How we live.  How we die.
forgiving memories that melt life.
Your fire.  Inside my heart.

:: 10.19.2021 ::