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EVil is a heart racing
leaving shadows behind
In this daylight everything
is lit with a target —
so you try so h ard
to hide.
Evil is hard breathing
& wishing to hide: no rock
or coverage can hide you:
— wishing to survive
then evil finds you
– the rest is humanity.
everyone just everyone!
wants to taste you and Devour

:: 07.04.2020 ::

THE HUNTED (with some difficulty)

with some difficulty;
one father
and one mother —(.)
a soul and siblings
in whereAFTER (lost possibilities)
a lost brother by (a lot, life said)
DIED by thirty-three stab
WOULD-wounds kill the Master of
(take me) evil-life if i take me
away from you — it’s not my life
dancing mannequins inside a casket
of my personal memories: so broken,
so broken is he — || — broken.
OH! i live believing you’ll take
me away from you oh i see my life
still-born like lightning tearing
ozone and making rain from tears
mountains creeping up toward my
heart and angels look at me
with shame they did nothing.
I’m a child in a home with no
one to comfort and my Father
where were you? Don’t ever take
me home — away from you i go,
and your son too.

:: 07-30-2015 ::


Terrible, I assume you know your name.
Mister Terrible, the cloth of worn souls,
and shoes like holes without space beneath.
My assumption — which I have only paid by
pain and sorrow;  you think beauty when
others mention you.  And nature, ah!  A
balanced blade upon scales, slicing life
by the kilogram, cleaving hearts and leaving
the best of life upon the table of sorrow!
Depart!  Leave me and your day along with you!

:: 10-31-2014 ::


I saw today incredibly,
today just a few ticks
ago a thing that should
have never been.
Today I saw upon
two legs, a thing of pain
walking down the walk.
top hat, pocket watch.
Three steps by two.
A thing which I know
now, I know incredibly
I do!  A thing of pain
upon two legs for you.

:: 10-31-2014 ::


DO not confuse my
sense of mystery
with evil…

I keep them in
separate pockets


And in my disgrace
i hid my face
inside the skin
of the snake
and asked him
to hide my sins
within his shadow
He hissed and said
“cold and damp,
is my life,
and times are gone
for all true men
to hide inside
the heart of God”
So disguise is gone
and my face is sun
the summer stench
and i climb the stairs
hearing you scream again
Mother’s dead and father
He is arisen in heaven
I’m too cold and damp
so my weathered friend
I go again into the Scream
of deepest fears again
And still the warm winds
of my long dead friends
sing to me once again,
“Judas died for all
the thievery of our souls,
oh, and deep cold suns
and all the living.”
And in my disgrace
i hid my face
inside the skin
of the snake
and asked him
to hide my sins
within his shadow

:: 09-19-2014 ::


death made a bet
and lost
he turned in his cloak
and started the night shift
at the city life clinic
and saved my life
with a smile he released me
knowing my true nature
I, the dark one who feasts
upon the weak —
hundreds have known my face

:: 05-02-2014 ::


life is a stranger in boots
snake skin patterns moving
through wet night streets
and that blooming howl
on Bourbon Street cuts through
what’s left of your dark soul
Jazz notes falling into pieces
across reflective night streets
And when you’re strangely happy
you know you’re snake skin too
And when you’re deranged beneath
moss trees on a pirogue floating
a night spent in LaLaurie Mansion
makes the best of other-worldly friends
Life is a stranger in boots
and snake patterns know the moves
a cascading undulating twist
through Mississippi mud too
Marie Delphine LaLaurie loves you
She will invite you to stay a night
and that slave you become is ghostly
a torture for a slice of social life
And the mobs outraged == she fled
or maybe not…the moss knows

:: 04-22-2014 ::


Run and hide and run and dodge

it’s a dance for love of life

this dance of survival born

from a tribe forgotten by time


and the song has no words

it was sang before words

and the devil and god

just a metaphor before


hell unleashed upon earth

and that fire and heaven

never gave it’s name now

and people sing and dance


flesh is more than word

and belief a bond of love

and family a gold vault

and we praise God his names


I will drop the devil below

below the names he gave us

and God rise above Skies

Let glory prevail in blue


i dropped the devil

dropped the devil

to his knees

and slay his neck


let blood paint me

it paints me a warrior

and i am at His service


:: 04-02-2014 ::


WE pretend
to show affection
beneath the lies
— Silhouette —
a hidden rope
around my neck

You could bring
me a diamond
But there’s no stone
harder than your heart
I could scream and cry
blood in a tea cup
staring at all
my spare parts

You took the treasure
of my heart shaped box
a figure of speech
only for those
who know ignorance

I would have loved you
more than life itself
If only the love you had
was better than gold
But now I cry blood tears

My tears of red fill
the porcelain tea cup
strewn around me
nothing but spare parts
I live within
a nightmare dream

:: 01-29-2014 ::