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i should be a worm
deep inside the green
whatever should i (else)be
cause there’s nothing else
to say — so i write;
some (so many) say i have
no right – no apologies
Within the Sun i Walk
like creme sherbet
so nasty no assault
(glam and wrong — freezer
burned/ i am blamed_) within
the sun – oh Mary! to walk
upon the Waters of our Thoughts
all alone all lonely all
a lone we go we go we go wego
— what else should i be?
nothing but the Sun
within this Sun Mary! Oh Mary!
i wish i was so easily
confused; so that i could grab
all the shame (infamous choking
upon the ashes of my sun)
oh the sun! Mary!
oh Mary.

:: 07.03.2020 ::


THINKING here alone about all those muggy nights
thinking of how much my body haS DONE and this heart
i now call Fear__ haven’t we all done crazy and at times
so lately___
i have more been than once hypnotized & paralyzed
as pinned butterfly : now free to fly away_
//..—..\\ a fortress of never-
realizing pas s i n g eyes & whoYOU
within my most private dreams:
dammit! it’s so late or early
& so sick and tired/i never thing
how what i could and can ever do
if lightning once again strikes me
it’s not what i can do to make you
care or love me: it is what i do when
once again lightning strikes me and
you are not there.// nothing i can do
to make you hear me or be loved by
YOU. So, sorry seems to be the littlest

:: 07.03.2020 ::

COME BACK DOWN (from this cloud)

\what of love? What of hate?
i say no word as no one knows
shall see & feel the (k)not —
of what i need___
grinning and begging
are hands-machine-like
hearts of no good too
quick i know this !
oh never coming down
from this cloud; is hands
is work since born is good
//so should’a so should have
-things nothing i say
a pregnant size of one good
Yes completely Kind____this
immeasurable anguish like the
scent of summer flowers of always
their flowers of stone so silently

:: 07.03.2020 ::


  THIS is a sherbet  dance upon dead minds
why,it is love;
      yeah — so do not despair
while imprisoned, tortured here — all eating
glyphs trip speak-stones, exploding & built
like she was/surely does not forget,perish,
sing or sleep\  all that gold within the graves
of unkept promises & ethereal dreams as
labeling punctual brains…

:: 07.01.2020 ::


if the big smirk in the skull
of my mirrors kiss this dirt-death heart /whom everyone
wonders\where did he or she go? i will not have ever loved
one more than you whilst i take the red from within your body;
a hand’s impression is an empty theater without darkness and a
shard of light. i am a shape without the
once-good kissy-lip’d mouth /silver-moon’d anvil striking
spoon collecting the images of one fatal wound/;so much as the dilapidated
heart birdcaged within this ruinous estate!

:: 07.01.2020 ::


i fled into a house of shadow’d despair oh fairy
cock ring the 4th horseman
researched the bible / as LITTLE birds sang per
pound around wonderment we wept
emerald tears of fortitude.\ who with a fist
could sickly love you
so come on over and do-liciously fall from your
skies/this thing like
biblical violence fuses onlyLIVING ORGANS
shot the shit oh shoot the shit
closing my Eyes i hear the sound
of forgetting.
aaaaaaahhhhhhh! what can it be if not
an immaculate moment! mystery vs. evil
and she has a puppet string to my heart
;as birds hate hungry cats/said the unborn
fetus inside the wetOrgan of God-Talk.

:: —- ::

A hundred cantons – ii

what dreams sweet life soul
that earth soil so wet-dew
then that-touching
drops of sorrow/feelings
mine council doubt this dream
yet release thee budding light this day
such philosophy paunch thy heart
love now skip treacle and grail
passion fuel thou vessel tickle-being spur now
and truth
‘i heart bleed red now and breath push thou
rhythmic lover thou granted me
the reason ‘i this instant
o’ springtime lips


EAT me
taste myself
lick me again
luminous tendril
ate me my friend
oh virginal
immediacy of twilight’s
mystery made into Flesh/
mEAT me(by miracle of your
)dreamslender exquisite
brown Texan snake…
bit me.

:: 06.30.2020 ::


so how are things —
i sang, ‘how kids know without
the ever-apparent adult noose’
who knows what it means i mean
who really knows how it hangs?
w e could a s k 4
more as nature is not a fruit but
a whore; i strangled myself blue
knowing How my mouth likes to
shoot a bullet through its roof!
Agent Orange please return to Room
Blue A; we all know what it means
to have met a genteel man named (now
get this) Ay Nal. Hey man! i’ve
got a disease called laughing hyena
(a carnivorous mammals of the family
Hyaenidae of Africa and Asia) yes sir.
my eyes were blue as an ocean then
the tears of sorrow took them away.

:: 06.30.2020 ::


She sees the birth of a heart shaped
universe     oh those newborn stars__&
the godlike heat of afterbirth
    eons dreamt of a life
& future stages Unraveled by space-time \
hiccups/she burped an infant cosmos
and fed milk elemental detris & debris
AS love is the rule
and nothing trespasses
   Order from chaos bleeds then dries
gases Of gossamer floating streams;
   she nurtures her infant to adolescence
 swirls of formation, heat, and color
white and golds and blues and yellow
darkness separates for glow and life
    i crushed the glow-worm.

:: 06.30.2020 ::