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   ///////////////////////////Seditious countries and each life;  closes minds 

since mortal hearts within jars and intestines have no mark upon solemn synod     – forgiven decrees;     
all humans scream for release from the arms of colossal piteous complaints…    
do not tear away yourself dear  to whisper a break withIN a deep-divorcing vow?   i gave you everything; 
everything i own;i have given you everything and you blew it to hell and with blood mingled inside the
crime of lust:  for if we were one, and you played false, i ate the poison of your flesh,   being infected
by your contagion.  And hell, shit, keep fair league and truce inside my soul and mind and spirit —
you blew it all and split the world of my heart apart.

:: 08.12.2020 ::

LOVE the single and only EXTRAORDINARY

IF there is one love for all

then  love is simply

s t r e t c h ed  small

Love; the singular tear drop
fallen upon a mountain large:
which finds a path through
stone and dirt until reaching
center bottom.


the single and only

EXTRAORDINARY  as twlight’s
first throated burst of
mornings or evenings |
and IF there is one love
for all      if for all

then I have met Love
which is why I love all.

:: 10-10-2017 ::


my bubble(kiss)
full (a)round
my pink airJail
the beautiful
lofty curve
and float

:: 10-13-2014 ::


CONFESSION for the heart
one who knows the pain
a sharp knife
— to the soul

All things I see and hear
whether touch or smell
is poetic
— to my ear

Life drives me maddingly so
the words slide off me tender
and into a skillet
— where they burn

Wish I do for a release
into a world from pain and fear
my soul mate come unto me
for I fear the time
— too late

:: 01-22-2014 ::


I CUDDLED my emotions
when fear brought  me roses
and knew that such ways
— as me
can play an instrument
— psychosis

Simpler to just praise it all
the good and bad
— and sad and fears
an occasional bottle
— of broken tears
then to wrap it up
and embrace the birth of death


THE folly of such innocent doings!
That we mortals timidly shy
when love is the excuse for our ways
Where does this fit into nature?!
Does the babbling brook stop its song
when your ear is present to listen?
Does the warbler stop its warbling
and covers it’s head with its wings
when you walk upon its symphony?
No, cleary these things are not so!
So, dear fellow spirit of our world —
let love reign and shy not from it’s doings
It will surely make life and Earth
the paradise that it already is for all!


[In regards to fragments of poetry]
THIS they do —
organize chaos
in loving fashion
written in soul’s ink
with the deepest passion