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IT is by pain within my Soul
that i hardly know you
by sight or by taste; i grow
at night by dreams and wishes
within imaginary throe
— i weep for love my love
by love for love all love
and then the rift
within my heart of reality
the closer i come to you
within solitude
practicality always, always
i know — comes knocking upon
the unknown room’s door /
the light so bright
upon all nights as stars above
we love we love we love
the elusive angle of our hearts
and fate that gazes as fields
of jasmine raising dawn and
her brilliant warmth — is love,
the love all love sang by Queens
and Kings and Surfs and Peasants
; are as the angels.

Our Souls, as love!

:: 04-01-2019 ::


IF I write a wrong
will that suffice
a wrong to right?
And if I sang
a song
would hate
become a love?
In a world
that I create
such a thing
be such way

:: 02-03-2014 ::