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OUR minds are concocted by Machines
those who control space and time/
the incredible magicians of old age
and our government is corrupt
We are trapped in the belly of
the monster called civilization
and the machine is bleeding to death.
Our time has now come to pass.
And we are to see reality.
The many millions of suicides
are now beginning /out of sight\
our animal tendency is one that requires
a sense of humanity. But the many
screams are carried by a dark wind
that blows : there is no government
but the radio is on. We are bleeding
to death and the sun has fallen down
and the billboards are unlit.
It was a moment when the buildings
fell down while mother’s clutched their
babies and fathers fought the faceless
enemies of evils spirits.
The world had forgotten.
There is a devil.
And he is worst than men.

:: 09.18.2022 ::


Run and hide and run and dodge

it’s a dance for love of life

this dance of survival born

from a tribe forgotten by time


and the song has no words

it was sang before words

and the devil and god

just a metaphor before


hell unleashed upon earth

and that fire and heaven

never gave it’s name now

and people sing and dance


flesh is more than word

and belief a bond of love

and family a gold vault

and we praise God his names


I will drop the devil below

below the names he gave us

and God rise above Skies

Let glory prevail in blue


i dropped the devil

dropped the devil

to his knees

and slay his neck


let blood paint me

it paints me a warrior

and i am at His service


:: 04-02-2014 ::