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IN all these times
of trouble
I find myself wishing

AND inside all me
darkness ~
emptiness and pain
But love for life

AND within my hour
of desperateness
my heart cleaves
unto me and Spirit

Oh! there is always
an answer
always a way
through the trees

And when the day sleeps
her name comes
and makes frowns smile
makes hearts feel free

so never carry the world
upon your shoulders
only fools do.

And within these times
I find myself wishing

so please love me too.

:: 11-06-2017 ::


SUCH mastery at disguise
Split-rationality diffused
Lose a shadow upon a pin

Incognito my lover-pain
touch the heart nonetheless
a dip into blue berry jam

Losing essence my pauper
someday the poor will pay
emotional vault empty this day

Guess as good a bent penny
worth a cent but nothing more
a funky feeling when you pay

Incognito blues pave my way
Pain-creature confused today
my tracks diffuse his way

:: 12/28/2013 ::