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don’t cry
my baby don’t cry
when, like the stars
shine i want to see
your eyes bright

so, like i never meant
to be so mean my baby
so don’t you cry
the evening’s too young

and when you dry your eyes
we can be sweet like you
know –know i gave you me
once again i’ll stop the stars

just to have your heart again

so so so don’t cry
my baby don’t you cry
just take me, i felt you \\
like steps trailing down
onto the shores of romance
into a rock garden of
heart-shaped rocks
whose stones are figural
and knows me
so come on my sweet woman
let’s be as one again

:: 07-25-2015 ::


That easy rhythmic sound is what i need,

a swing beat in jazz to touch and feel.

So I do my best to stay one foot ahead

of those lazy-crazy slices of falling time

of which some are stuck in the inferno trees

outside my window. A hellish wind fans them

but I rely upon Count Basie to sooth it all out

and I won’t look out the window anymore.

:: 02-25-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2013

Girlfriend blues
I trust in you
Such deep blue eyes
you lose me in you
I don’t listen to what they say
what muse cannot save the day
girlfriend blues…
I trust in you

Crying but mother doesn’t hear
a sure sign I’m no longer a boy
What stranger seeks the sun
only to find a burning moon
I’m so lost…
in your blues

My girlfriend blues
so much trust in you
your woman charms
my primal root
I trust in you

:: 01-31-2014 ::


I WAS walking with the devil
yeah, on a hot summer’s night
said to me things not heard
in the light of human-day

Moss-throat stuffed my voice
gator breath stole my soul
up yonder is the pearly gate
but you ain’t got the gold

— can’t enter it today
Says I, “cry me a river”
baby, cry me a river
of blood and tears today

Ain’t that the way honey
when the river flows
— it flows the other way
So we be going and going

Across the river’s way
going to make our way
through the night and day
sweat our soul like nothing
until tomorrow’s day-ya!



SUCH mastery at disguise
Split-rationality diffused
Lose a shadow upon a pin

Incognito my lover-pain
touch the heart nonetheless
a dip into blue berry jam

Losing essence my pauper
someday the poor will pay
emotional vault empty this day

Guess as good a bent penny
worth a cent but nothing more
a funky feeling when you pay

Incognito blues pave my way
Pain-creature confused today
my tracks diffuse his way

:: 12/28/2013 ::


When the wind bites the heart of that lonely lover
and the living have gone to bed and escape into dreams
you walk that empty wet path on Bourbon Street
away from jagger eyes slacken smiles the blues pull you in
Mother, should you have killed me
the winds wouldn’t be biting now
I want to climb back into that time
reverse the walk and bleeding talk

Confused child where do you come from?
I come from a land so far away from here
my ticket says, “From the deep beyond”

Won’t you take me back
To that land from beyond
I want to spread a lot of love
Wont’ you take me back
To that land from beyond
I have something to tell you

So I take that walk again — beer stained stones
sultry notes of blue and pain filling the air
And I don’t mind your bite anymore mistress wind
the pain is better than the kiss of empty death


what spell you casting now
Caught your third eye
last night in a deep dream
I was floating on a cloud
watching the wheels turn round
You gonna spread your charm
across the horizon like atomics
I just want to catch your charm
and wear it on my neck chain —
burn a hole thru my heart
and into that deep thriving soul