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(c) E.P. Robles 2012

IN the washed moonlit night
beneath an ancient oak
there I lay my head
upon your soft shoulder
and I praise the moment
and the angels sing for us

Yes I yearn for you
I yearn for you
throughout my days
I yearn for you

You and I are lovers
and tonight we burn
each others flame
through our touch we learn
— two worlds spinning
into a brilliant orbit
such hearts never sinning

And I yearn for you
I yearn for you
my passion burns
I burn for you

Your parasol cannot shade
such an inferno like my heart
more than Dante’s journey
one that fuels such flames
The evening stars may fall
but each one onto my heart

Yes I yearn for you
and my heart burns
such souls yearning
will always have a flame

:: 01-31-2014 ::


MY love I confess to you
there be another who
has touched my heart
She is a grand soul
with a way in words
and her life passed
many year ago
I must say that
her letters of love
have found their way
into my heart
And kindle a passion
never to die
Also I confess
a first letter of love
I wrote to her
she crumpled to keep
But this one
— I now write is weak
compared to the first —
How I live for now
but my heart to
Emily Elizabeth Dickinson!
Who passed the year of our lord
Eighteen Eighty-six

:: 05-15-1886 ::

:: 05-15-1886 ::