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Her faith in love was a drowning fisherman
and the blood upon her lips flowing as a muleta.
But her soul as a hearth with brilliant embers
reaching upward forming a dancing vortex.

and the tears, the flowing tears of her eyes shone
brighter than a granted wish of any heart.

“Sing for me my Soul,
that God believe in me!
–hope, that periscope by inkwell
shall show me the land of my own
people that think as me.
That love as me.”

The thunderous voice of Silence
spoke and so it was and so it is!

:: 04-27-2019 ::
e.p.robles (c)


i could hear the spraying    ocean singing song
when longing afar from loving shores
and there upon the moonlit sands would
i hope to see the footprints of romance
and love toward my own island-life
if i heard the praying lonely singing longing
voice upon the ocean waving wane of life


:: 07-08-2015 ::


MY love I confess to you
there be another who
has touched my heart
She is a grand soul
with a way in words
and her life passed
many year ago
I must say that
her letters of love
have found their way
into my heart
And kindle a passion
never to die
Also I confess
a first letter of love
I wrote to her
she crumpled to keep
But this one
— I now write is weak
compared to the first —
How I live for now
but my heart to
Emily Elizabeth Dickinson!
Who passed the year of our lord
Eighteen Eighty-six

:: 05-15-1886 ::

:: 05-15-1886 ::