Daily Archives: August 27, 2014


I ride the path by mouth
and nothing more
The pen is dried and tears
have taken a road by south.

Who should feed my vagrant words
they starve at day and flee by night!
And detours, forked by white S paces

And pregnant pauses give birth
to tiny doubts upon my ink!
I watch the children drown there.

A fountain in the square of town
is where I dip my quill,
and the Crier shouts,

“Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!”

Remember all the good souls!

:: 08-23-2014 ::


I would fear for the world,
yes, I would fear.
If not for the smile
of your kind soul.

I would fear for the world,
yes, I would dear.
but not for your soul,
you’re Love — I’ve told

I would fear for the world,
yes, I would fear.
If others were not so lucky
to find one as you.

But there’s no fear
when there’s love,
and even a snowflake
could survive hell.

:: 08-26-2014 ::


I mouthed the morning,
and dew and petal!
I ate the soil but not
the bee, but even thorn!
I saw the gnome too,
inside a root of tree!
I kissed his conical hat
and kissed his feet!
This I did all before
but never in my sleep!

:: 08-26-2014 ::


My dreams! Oh! My sweet dreams!
Each night so many scenes!
I dip my eyes into ink-night
and blink and there’s the stage!
The actor’s call and there we are!
All our lines thrown to the winds,
and the props do change on a dime!
Last night I kissed a whale —
and then flew my car into the moon.
I laughed and then I cried tears
as I turned around and saw Mother Earth!
It’s a lump in your heart when you see
no countries or war or death,
and only one world as a whole!
My dreams! Oh! My sweet dreams!

:: 08-26-2014 ::