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I GAZED into the mirror’s back
there I saw the world’s eyes
the beauty and horror
of all our humankind!
Even my own eyes I saw
weeping for a blind eye!

:: 11-10-2014 ::


HOW many likes does it take
to get to the center
of an ego



(never should it be the same thing}
I ate the summer sky at night
bending reed and heart
shot the yellow jacket wing
tasted the poison of it’s sting
painted an image of my heart
upon the basin of the Mississippi
and I rode my soul all the way
across the bayou to the City
of Southern sin and drinking
the party that never ends
and I danced with the devil
and sang of Eros and Gomorrah
and god slapped my cheek
daisy faced women cried for me
as they watched my soul sink
back into the mud of the river
that rages within the heart of all
Praise the One who damns us
and the angels weep for all
and I dropped to my knees
wishing I never thought clear
where a world walks in haze
and all mother kill their babies
Is someone going to save us
is anybody going to save the world?
God? devil? Superman?
we need someone who loves
loves the filth of humanity

:: 10-03-2014 ::


WHERE they dwell they weep,
luminous souls without seam.
The morning glory beyond,
a promise over all horizons!

They flitter, each by one alike,
across the fields and hearts,
the many, too many to count,
in God’s mystery garden of Life.

And when they touch human souls,
their heavenly feathers awaken
you in His glory and windy-melody,
and you, the child, Awakened!

:: 08-31-2014 ::


LIFE, that deck of cards shuffled
and cut for an element of chance;
then dealt across the play-board
of life.

:: 09-03-2014 ::


Silly how-is many times late
before the pun chaotically tickles
the slow molasses of subhuman
thought creatively. And I cry every
time my mouth laughs Those
brilliant giggle-fairy iridescent cellophane
wings // flutterHeart my tired soul on
quiet thunderThought nights.

And the crickets play their
magnificent song
between the underneath
of my longing moonlit eyes!

:: 09-02-2024 ::


In a great-small thing of no size but larger than zero I placed a bag of velvet life roughly the length of a rocky-road mile and away it dissolved into the infinitely smallness of my LifeBag and I shed a ghostly tear — the ones that never jump from the wornEyes of dying cultures but those dried eyeballs found on summer-baked roads for hungry vultures. I said, “farewell my dreams and fears and may your journey into oblivion be as pleasant as your stay within my soul.”

:: 09-02-2014 ::


WE blunder in thought
to think of Eternity as
a never-ending Father-Time
— like a slippery infinity.
Eternity is nothing more
than the absence of Time.
And what of Infinity?

That cosmic cat forever
chasing its slippery tail!

:: 08-26-2014 ::


SUCH persistent illusion
this box called life,
wherein I lay my bones
upon a hook the dream
swings to and fro.
Our majesty — Love,
tends to our soulful needs,
kissing the stars as we fall,
that vastness of other-there!

:: 01-23-2014 ::


I took out a second mortgage on the flesh and bones
of my soul and drove home wondering if the foundation
was cracked.  That would reduce the selling price
of the graveyard I sleep within each dying moment of
my lifeless wondering-wandering experience.  

My llama was in the passenger seat, pink-lensed
circular glasses upon her long nose and crossed legs
(shaved just for me).  She glanced at my in a
psychedelic motion and blew me a smothering-wet kiss
and said, “Focus on the road.”  She smoked like a chimney
and I took a drag oh, well, drag, and we drag on, don’t wee.  
Night forgave the day in all it’s fucked ways and we
kissed a star before entering our habitat.  There’s a
staircase and beneath it a library with forgotten prose.  
I grabbed a book on the way up into our nest.  

“Animal Farm” the spine read. I feel like, “Minimus”
in a world of humans.

:: 08-30-2014 ::