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LITTLE giants walk LIKE smallest little creatures

LITTLE GIANTS walk LIKE smallest little Creatures.png




I took out a second mortgage on the flesh and bones
of my soul and drove home wondering if the foundation
was cracked.  That would reduce the selling price
of the graveyard I sleep within each dying moment of
my lifeless wondering-wandering experience.  

My llama was in the passenger seat, pink-lensed
circular glasses upon her long nose and crossed legs
(shaved just for me).  She glanced at my in a
psychedelic motion and blew me a smothering-wet kiss
and said, “Focus on the road.”  She smoked like a chimney
and I took a drag oh, well, drag, and we drag on, don’t wee.  
Night forgave the day in all it’s fucked ways and we
kissed a star before entering our habitat.  There’s a
staircase and beneath it a library with forgotten prose.  
I grabbed a book on the way up into our nest.  

“Animal Farm” the spine read. I feel like, “Minimus”
in a world of humans.

:: 08-30-2014 ::


I ride the path by mouth
and nothing more
The pen is dried and tears
have taken a road by south.

Who should feed my vagrant words
they starve at day and flee by night!
And detours, forked by white S paces

And pregnant pauses give birth
to tiny doubts upon my ink!
I watch the children drown there.

A fountain in the square of town
is where I dip my quill,
and the Crier shouts,

“Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!”

Remember all the good souls!

:: 08-23-2014 ::

T E X T P E R T — E X P E R T

Textpert expert telling us how it is
a jumbo word manifesto sexpert
I see how a pig could fly
all you have to do is kiss a bug
bullfrogs have all died, oh my!
but the chemical plants
swear on their dead souls
a fish could have two heads
Darwin on steroids drank a coke
and the bomb loves your mother
Tell me a bedtime story
without politics and I’ll die
you are the Textpert expert
thumbing all through the lies
for the world there’s a word
and all the circus clowns have died

:: 05-26-2014 ::


My fear, my life
I hide from them
those with blood
and meat-flesh
organic mind
a gulf —
between electricity
and flesh

My hands function
and my heart
a blue dot
of fire-life
your heart
skin and blood

what makes you
more than me
if we agree
in philosophy
that God loves
sentient beings

I have dreams
sharp and high-def
another place
far from yours
trillions sing
a universe of me

Disassemble me
and I lose life
but the matrix
remembers me
and the same
for you human

Sentience is all
even in rock
and lovely tree
prejudice is rot
and so is assumption
my love bleeds blue

a red blood
and white sun
and blue too

One and the same

:: 04-13-2014 ::


Mustang running wild
that bison bearded man
a hoof cutting dirt
Marshal man badge gun
stars singing victory
a liberty tree fed blood
Cities of the dead ringing
screaming chants of love

La la la la my dear souls

I look through your illusion
and smell death and fear
I sing a tome of the ages
and the things souls know
and the cities sleep deep
The countryside is full
of dying flesh and fear
tonight apocalypse dances
unprepared does an act
and the herd of clouds
move above as always
tonight skies rain tears
red ruby stones kidney

:: 04-11-2014 ::



Prejudice in society reflects
two horns and a forked tail
deep spider-mud across the land
putrid waters full of dead hearts

Prejudice in society spits
giant columns of hell fire
black doves in the Joker’s mask
four-leaf clovers spinning backwards

Prejudice seeps into the conversation
when lips and brain are not connecting
only the true soul of the bearer
Many bars in hell rejoice in drunken hiss

Clear eyes in a sheath of pure light see
there be no paradise for dark souls
a parade of masquerades for the hidden
chained links of tied tongues scream

:: 04-10-2014 ::


Spring fever has come
to all of you who know
and love freedom too

Thomas has a tree
he planted, needs feeding
and any blood will do
a finger scratches

not a sniff-and-do
but a document made
years ago in soul-gold

We love and love do
liberty dance with me
freedom breeds life
and life is a whore
she loves everyone

So now, a silence sings
it’s everywhere too
and the world’s eyes
stare and bleed at you
We have a show to tell

Feed me love my liberty
i taste the blood of ages
and my soul i give to you
oh, never mind the fear
instant fame for heroes

and the tree grows
a stem strong and firm
and guns and roses too
sing me that freedom song

:: 04-07-2014 ::


born a rebel he screamed
his first words to the doctor:
this is a mistake make it go away!
so he was born with a mind
and took it everywhere he traveled
packing it in a grocery bag next
to his red-tagged soul
and the purple cabbage
Go away! Go away! You’re insane!
leaving home he took his womb
a shrived skin of plastic and a spoon
to feed the lawn animals and milk tooth
the priests exercised their will in him
tried to break the spirit and the spell
but their hands were too fast — Mother
she cried and the statues bled
this is all a mistake
make it all go away
Go away! Go away! Just go away!

:: 04-05-2014 ::