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LITTLE giants walk LIKE smallest little creatures

LITTLE GIANTS walk LIKE smallest little Creatures.png


SIGHT! if i still had it
[my eyes] this would
have made me cry t e
ooh …ooh oh-oh ; by
sticky frames within
t i me we saw all
possible expectations
2 TO 1 /O! oh i always
wish(ed) this day to
never eND!\

:: 11-23-2016 ::


Falling down I found myself
inside myself and some
reason wearing a heart
seemed to be so easy
little gnomes and fairies
squeezing grapes for wine
singing a river ancient song
and fawn and weeping trees
said I should believe in fantasy
they were the wizard all in one
so I sang a song to them all
I sang of strawberry fields
where nothing is real and no
one is in my tree and I must
be high or low and living
is easy with eyes closed
and they all stopped to listen
and said, “You’re no
John Lennon!’

:: 10-03-2014 ::


(never should it be the same thing}
I ate the summer sky at night
bending reed and heart
shot the yellow jacket wing
tasted the poison of it’s sting
painted an image of my heart
upon the basin of the Mississippi
and I rode my soul all the way
across the bayou to the City
of Southern sin and drinking
the party that never ends
and I danced with the devil
and sang of Eros and Gomorrah
and god slapped my cheek
daisy faced women cried for me
as they watched my soul sink
back into the mud of the river
that rages within the heart of all
Praise the One who damns us
and the angels weep for all
and I dropped to my knees
wishing I never thought clear
where a world walks in haze
and all mother kill their babies
Is someone going to save us
is anybody going to save the world?
God? devil? Superman?
we need someone who loves
loves the filth of humanity

:: 10-03-2014 ::

RESPIRATORY INSIGHTS (Book of Medical Curiosities)

When Gnomes
sneeze the soil
beneath their
feet turn to gold

:: 09-03-2014 ::


Oh, my body grows from a stem,

every vein,
           fragrance and leaf.

the winds sway my heart upright,

and your touch
    before you pull,

I await calmly–my executioner

my pollen smells you woman,
the tender finger-puller of love.

Behold:  I die for your eyes
and beauty you see within me,
my petals and colours —

till finally nothing
but dried wick-of-stick.

Everything that seeds taught me
my childhood years so nameless,
and your tears like glistening water,
christen me after I have died!

When you bury me — made radiant
by your shining hair and bosom,
the altar which you have crowned
by your lightly showering tears!

:: 08-31-2014 ::


In a great-small thing of no size but larger than zero I placed a bag of velvet life roughly the length of a rocky-road mile and away it dissolved into the infinitely smallness of my LifeBag and I shed a ghostly tear — the ones that never jump from the wornEyes of dying cultures but those dried eyeballs found on summer-baked roads for hungry vultures. I said, “farewell my dreams and fears and may your journey into oblivion be as pleasant as your stay within my soul.”

:: 09-02-2014 ::


Unconditional madness:

To be possessed by a lover
who cuts you to bloody shreds
and then you lick their fangs.

:: 08-27-2014 ::


My dreams! Oh! My sweet dreams!
Each night so many scenes!
I dip my eyes into ink-night
and blink and there’s the stage!

The actor’s call and there we are!
All our lines thrown to the winds,
and the props do change on a dime!
Last night I kissed a whale —
and then flew my car into the moon.

I laughed and then I cried tears
as I tuned around and saw Mother Earth!
It’s a lump in your heart when you see
no countries or war or death,
and only one world as a whole!

My dreams! Oh! My sweet dreams!

:: 08-26-2014 ::


THEY drop as by the dead
    My vacant
procession and funeral.
Like the barren field
upon my face
— so slip my tears
beyond the reach
of a broken heart.
Sorrow does drown
an empty Soul —
the bitter debt of Life!

:: 08-26-2014 ::