Daily Archives: December 6, 2014


It’s been some hurting time: I lost it in a dial of fountain garbage youth — catfish mouth hooks and I never saw you sorry inside
Boreas is colored freezer pain! I haven’t had a hand job or pie Since the government gave me opportunity or more chances than churches where Jesus hangs on solemn walls while
flesh bags cry and pray for all their sins in a covered wagon somewhere in the 1950s black and white television. Gee I never knew ancient ones wore makeup and butterfly Lips like a hungry flower in a whore field. The sky gave me her scars like purple vaginas missing periods for months.
And Billy went to the store to pick up a jar of fat pickles. She never reached behind the curtain but I had my dummy and a fist beneath his cheap shirt making all the moves of a failed life.

11-03-2014 ::


I dreamed disgusting me
and see my hands so red
leaving pain and hurt
the dream i hated became
what I ever was
just a child confused
and i wished when i pulled
apart the wings of butterflies
i could be a wingless one too
so i am and never flew
like my butterflies we walk
oh yes, it burns butterwalk
each step from flight
oh, burn, burn!  I could
never say what I mean
and express in my words
what a little boy feels
when life was crushed
from his heart so I smile
seems the wings died
when I walked out the door
another person into the world
And I forgive the shadow
who kisses me instead of love
I saw a spark inside my heart
it separates life from death
and butterwalk between both

:: 12-05-2014 ::