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PINK serenading colorish puffBLEW!
Fragile like my heart is on
this-IS most beautiful grouse moor
like evening that i must endure!

Endure i must a few caterpillars
to dance with you my pink propelled
flower-like butterfly!

Yes Robert! Yes! Butterflies are
self propelled flowers!”

To flutter someone MYHEART as you
flitter-do //that the many-who
never so much as do — to take
the time to be a butterfly too!

LIfe as a setting board has pinned
the many-most as chrysalis
— frozen like meaningless
many who never WHONEVER’ish
their way to oblivious ends.

:: 07-27-2018 ::


Blue Morpho Poem


FOREVER nothing
no t hing
just a mixture
of DNA and skin
hahaha __> evil
scientist and
psychiatrist say

” Y E S ! ”

So I reach inside
their skull and show
how well I sit on
the thought of
Mother Universe
Say you are a hater
say I am bacon
Say you like beer
say I am a wineo
we’re all the same!

Manicured lawn
pink flamengo
white picket fence
drive way up to me
inside through my doors
see how life lives
not a tv show dear
the monster skin of life
comes alive!

Say you called the
police and then we smile
all the sane incarcerated
and I have a kit kat bar
so I’m well fed in my heart

:: 06-27-2015 ::


I dreamed disgusting me
and see my hands so red
leaving pain and hurt
the dream i hated became
what I ever was
just a child confused
and i wished when i pulled
apart the wings of butterflies
i could be a wingless one too
so i am and never flew
like my butterflies we walk
oh yes, it burns butterwalk
each step from flight
oh, burn, burn!  I could
never say what I mean
and express in my words
what a little boy feels
when life was crushed
from his heart so I smile
seems the wings died
when I walked out the door
another person into the world
And I forgive the shadow
who kisses me instead of love
I saw a spark inside my heart
it separates life from death
and butterwalk between both

:: 12-05-2014 ::