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It’s been 14 dreary days since you
took my heart away (thundercloud
dripping sadness, clapping applause)
I saw my face in a shattered mirror
the broken glass Picasso’d me
so I ate a purple-painted brush
threw up on my canvas of life
You — like me, I like you, you not so
simply adviced by Cupid’s broken arrow
So I walk the garden and snappy leaf
of my favorite Venus lie-traps
licked my wounds and bumble B
stinging my dripping painted heart
I couldn’t have met my fate with you
without my garden of shyness and love
so I gave you a clapping hand upon
these past fourteen heavenly days
Forever, forever, forever!
Even though I forgot the contour
of your Mona Lisa lying face
and somebody else already used
the word of a chained heart in hell
but I wish I had more time
opportunity to explain my disgust

:: 11-21-2014 ::


River dreams slipping rocks
and i swore i had a place
across your shores too
i thought rock but life
gave me pebbles to eat
and no one i think loves
the weaker one but i know
heat and life are a part
of tiny movements

always know i sometimes
dream but the current
moves me \\ i think
a revelation can catch me
but the river flows
time, what
space too
across your shores
i thought rock but life
gave me pebbles to eat

and i’m only just me
so i can only sing
“the river of life
can take you down
if only you believe,
if only you believe,
in dreams…”

:: 11-20-2014 ::


AND the devil said, “Who’s got the heart
of my lover?” and the sky burned
in thunder-lust and the angels fled
like a bad bad storm.
I stood up like a prick and said,
“I ate him last night.”
And heaven help me for the way I am..
I am just a hungry woman looking for
the one who can help me know I am
more than this need I have within my soul.
So the devil looked inside my soul
and flew away, said, “honey, you got more
a need for the soul you ate
and I’m just the devil.”

I’ve been a bad bad girl
and I ran away the devil
but all I need is just
a good man.

:: 11-17-2014 ::


Do you know:
you smell of Earth
when you thunder
and look upon my soul
lightening eyes
and when you cry
torrential skies!
I think you more
of Earth than woman
the nature-mother
with buttercup lips
a Venus flytrap lover!

:: 11-17-2014 ::


“IF” is a large void
it’s waist is full
like fat men toddlering
And IF is a pair
of promising lips
upon the face
of true love
only loving
knows truth
all else
a belt across
the girth of obesity!

:: 11-17-2014 ::


You survive
to keep the gods
in check
the heart strives
early mornings
for a worm to peck!

The bluejay is true

:: 11-17-2014 ::

010110100100010101010010010011110101001100100000001001100010000001001111010011100100010101010011 (ZEROS & ONES)

Zeros leaving //crazy//
like a hole in my heart
Ones too like a gypsy
just a digital bomb
holding a broken rose
and your laughing eyes

i’m so mystified…

you’re a mystery
a soul without a home
and I’m so confused
like a dog begging
for a leash to hold

you sitting pretty

We’re the new generation
throwing life away
upon a social wave
of silicon media
But I’m too burnt
so I’m trying to say
just to you — you got
the best of me tonight

Catching zeros and ones
across the glass I hold
Sorry but it’s true
you got the best of me
holding your broken rose
and my crying eyes

Oh, I’m sorry but it’s true
your zeros and ones
got the best of me
and we’re throwing away
the best of life that’s real

:: 00110001001100010010110100110001001110010010110100110010001100000011000100110100 ::


AND is Jenny getting any
I saw her melting today
across a glass-pane store
HER rape was a Sunday dress
and tall stiletto death too
I heard her gasp inside
swallowed my innocence
But I don’t know what it means
She’s the one who died today
and I saw her smile too
I ran away into my mood
and dreamed of the smell
Jenny left a spot of soul
upon the sidewalk I walk
so pretty Jenny I love you
But I don’t know what it means
the stain again rapes my dark
hidden singing dreams
but I don’t know what it means
I don’t know what it means
But I love Jenny and her death

:: 11-13-2014 ::


Your tulips and balloons flying
all across a shining night
like lovers I want to fill
a memory just full of you
My new life of loving

Stars so brightly shinning
and you make a romance
inside of me like a knee-knocked
heart faintly say my name
when I nighty-night

And tell me I’m just a little bird
snuggled inside you, strong nest
Come morning we’re the first
to eat and chirp lips-bursting

I watch the sunrise my fireBird
wing-to-wing swinging dreams
the wood’s citizens know us
we’re what dreams are ever they be

Oh, falling, flying, sleeping, dreaming
I’m longing to linger until your done
dear, I could  never stop dreaming
until sunbeams stop beaming

And I make a promise to you
I’ll dream, dream a little dream
of you!

:: 11-13-2014 ::


The smart phone is killing the mind,
the wet sponge, an abstract small nut
within the white shell.  It’s
demise is a thing locked within
the spirit of creative engineering.

I am holding regardless.
Bundled within my tight
blanket it smothers,

It’s inviting;  at red lights,
truck stops, bookstores, and strip clubs.

An allure of shiny machinery;
the magical device,
connecting souls
to the honey hole
of all our desires.

A true confession requires
deep admission, and the cloak
of denial is the largest entrance,
and technology has the largest door.

Built not of clay but polycarbonate
is its face
our friend is a liquid display
of glass like Alice we look into
the mirror for lying truths.

My hi-tech golem I love you
my aching fingers do
more than the lover
across the table for two,

But the golem of hi-tech
cannot thinkSpeak, like Sanhedrin
described when Rav Zeira asked
a question, there was no reply…


:: 11-13-2014 ::