Daily Archives: February 23, 2015


What love is without hope?
and nature nurtures
these two!      be it winged
or those that walk upon
two;            love is by nature
a thing unmatched!
and i died the small death
watching you; walk
toward my heart.  I dreamed
the long dream sleeping
until awoken by a touching
softly fluttering butterfly
like your eyes searching my soul.
and then!  what space between
lovers like you! and myself
closed upon the seeking lips
confirmed.  Love is here,
where we reside, a house of hope
built upon two hearts as one.

:: 02-22-2015 ::


I can see across
the ages
and your smile
always seems so fresh!

a moment in time:
we kissed beneath
the apple tree!

you took the bite (of me)
and i cried:
I shouldn’t have
let you
torture me so sweetly,

an entire world pays our sin.
I could never say
‘no’ to you and you;

a withered reed blowing
in time.  but I’m an
“unforgiven” as you are my love
but it’s good,

so good enough  to see a world
birthed from this love!
Oh come toward me let’s be;

good enough.  So good enough
for all of us, oh, i could
never say ‘no’ to you.

:: 02-22-2015 ::