Daily Archives: February 27, 2015


what dullness!
the divine whisper
what coldness!
a death from life
into a Nothingness

the estate built!
and all the joy
the fear and pain
and knowing ways
released unto the wind!

sodden steps of fear
angelic whispers
and children’s tears!
pallbearer’s burden
to meet a hole!

and depth of sorrow
like running horses!
a fire o’ hearts
burning past memories
quickly — bury them!

all of my death
within that scar
of broken earth!
and the blanket
— mother earth!

:: 02-27-2015 ::


what spark!
the divine spoken
and heart!
a birth of life
unto this world!

from womb to ground
what frightful air!
the light and sound
and breast of love
too soon to care!

such growth like flowers
upon the fields
that time spur in souls
to be human
but die as child!

and soon the snow
upon the cap
of all this wisdom!
to see the crops;
what life has sowed!

that once was spark
but be a spot o’light!
and the worn but soon
quieting march of heart!
that i lay to rest today

:: 02-27-2015 ::