Daily Archives: February 28, 2015


my dear friend
(i did not wish
for you to read this)
my dear soul
i wrote to you
a silent poem
erased by fear
(and time revealed)
my fears of love
that i did not wish
my poems to become
the cheapened gifts
of royalty or life
I only wrote to you
the dearest soul
of common life.
but now the rich
seek to buy my soul!

:: 02-27-2015 ::


the deep thing
we wish to do!
to draw or paint
or write or love
a few to do,
an impossible all!
an any or all
is a life of art!
it is by nature
— that moves
us all!

:: 02-27-2015 ::


A sweetness!  tender
giving loving presence!
the warmth of all-embracing
loving souls greeting!

the Clean Slate to build!
and memories, but an echo!
i, too, feel!  a something
like nothing but more

and words!  and pictures!
colors and voices!
this is a something
maybe a nothing but more!

the crest of euphoria
devours my senses
and all license given
to begin again!

Shall i?  shall i?
i too!  think i shall!

:: 02-27-2015 ::