Daily Archives: February 12, 2015


And when did you forget
living is for those
that trust feelings
and shed tears (or two)
the fields are dry
and crows cry
scarcely, be that heart
a husk bleached-bone
one never owned!
it is the end of winter
and I fear, your Spring
more than late in coming
my heart dropped there
within the whiteSnow
of numbing deathIce

:: 02-11-2015 :: rev


IF like fields in spring
when mostly likeLove comes
and I were not present
like most times
And almost-Mostly scarcely here
should I-I could stand abroad
On golden fields to the plenty
;bounty, colors of nature’s kiss
-ing me Is a petite lip
with broad smile!

:: 02-10-2015 ::


i am so thankfully
nothing; once
thinking more
than life was i!
but to walk steps
made of life;
a birth and ex-
pectations schooled
the temperament
of my elements
and now so freed!
and thankfully
i think no more
but live this life!

:: 02-10-2015 ::


little be my Soul
what thoughts
do bring joy
a misfit my heart
that tripping
-forgiving debt
of my strange life!
To swear i saw
the cosmos
within your eyes
this i keep
to myself!
the little-Be Soul
of my tragic heart
and Poets Know;
Life is but an Art!

:: 02-10-2015 ::


AND potential forgiveness
the caught hook in a throat!
A painful pulling somewhere
between soul and heart
I choose the Ghost
who repeat in Song
“Life! That which I lost!
Over promises of empty boxes
shaped like a heart!”

:: 02-10-2015 ::


AND there within
the world
of a drop
tears falling
and history too
the memories
of all sweetness;
the songs and art
and writings
like poetry too
and like all things
that falling
eventually resting
deeply within the shelf
of universal consciousness

:: 02-08-2015 ::


WHEN long, long dreams
stridently strolled
within a meadow-briar
soul-Sole waking
came upon a brightly
-bright speck of Golden
little lighting spot!
And thumbFinger gently
raised it toward
sky and evening stars!
And so, little spot
now the light of all
the worlds; so the sun!
And we choose our love;
some pebbles others
shadows and sometime
a great Light that brightly
burns warming Souls!

:: – ::


and the homeless sing
while lost dogs howl
“loneliness is a friend
that keeps me warm”
And the moon says,
” All so sweet but so sad!”
i last had a Friend
named Armstrong who
visited me in 69!”
And like the poorest
they find kindness
in simple surroundings
and they never had
life so good for
a Saturday Night!
while the moon looks down
as an old man sings a sad
but sweet lullaby of love

:: – ::


i saw so quiently
within a dream
next to Rome burning
a thousand years ago
and next to a machine
of blue-gold humming
in my head
the thought machine
allowed me,
“we’re here to serve
you in your flesh”
i always scream when
my humanity wakes up
before the trip
Who are you? Who are you?
i don’t think i ever knew
your name –it’s so like
flesh but Machine
seeing human history
and all without truth –>
Or ever sharing dreams
Human or Machine?
so like you, so like you,
so like you
so like my ex-girlfriend

:: – ::