Daily Archives: February 17, 2015


Your Jesus likes
the walking King
on the boulevard
of spiritual dreams
and i licked sticks
like the wooden
cross across life
Oh Mohammad too,
who knows where he’s
taking me — somewhere
I want to be like
my best friend
And religion is a sidewalk
with many souls
walking the path
towards their dreams
of an afterlife
so I’m taking my
best friend
She knows my buttons
pushing love and
all of my life
IT’S where i want to be;
me and my best friend

:: 02-15-2015 ::


and all the pain
lives within
a celluloid strip [YOU]
of moving pictures
across the space
of a point in time
it’s the tremolo
score of life
like shoes that fit
within your soul
it’s all of you
so you ride the back
of a bumble bee
it tickles your thighs
but the buzzing soothes
the soul within you
and painted lips
collect gossamer threads
you hold your breath
dreaming of a love
that died within you
it’s all the same
life-life, merry-go-round

:: 02-15-2015 ::


and dark love’s two lips
kissed me, the first
kiss, a make-believe
between two hearts;
she-do she-do
i was so sure!
until i cut my soul
upon her thorn-heart
a wasp-body at noon
stung a shattered cup!
the bud hung upon
a dried crying hand
and two eyes drowned
the shattered cup
spelling pain!

:: 02-15-2015 ::


my closet is the closest thing
to my heart.  i keep my soul
behind the door to my closet,
is all i ever knew and
safely tucked away behind
that door my heart;
near the shoes by the soul
below the pants and within
the corner of my weeping eyes
i hide my heart.
my closet is the closest thing
to my heart.

:: 02-16-2015 ::


i like it when you whisper
and the world in hushed lips
fallingly desires more.
that you sing while speak,
all within my own heart.
i too fall within you
filled within my soul
you and mine within yours.

i like it when you whisper
and the world wishes too!
to know what madly
soaring hearts say when
the sun sleeps and angels
snore; i too fall within you
you are a part of my soul.
i’d like for you to stay forever!

mostly i like it when you whisper
love within my heart side-by-side
at night within our spooned bed
and the moon smiles and falling
stars wish they had one as you
i like it when you whisper to me.