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Simple Kiss

FEATHERS of hearts!

Rushing rivers through!

Three voices singing
history and truth.

Mystery outside self
expectations inside!

Surpassing beauty
is pure talent —
to describe Love.

I decide: one pure
simple kiss!

:: 03.09.2022 ::


WE breathed
Yes? Did not you say:

“The shore is long but
narrow like life.”

My dearest soul
you make me believe
Art is more than Life
and so you took my heart
into those wondrous
moments of our secret

i am not that bold nor so cold
to say we made the universe colorful.

And my gentle soul it’s
been just moments ago
but now my need is stronger
:saying how much i love you
we breathed
yes! The shores are long
and life so short my lover!

:: 08-21-2015 ::


the Lust of my Love
as a Sun, affection
& Life
pours raining-burning
love down myChest toward
the valley of pollinator
of Life
my feet feel the Earth
tremble; the wondrous cradler
of humankind, and the entire
universe! The angels shivered;
the bronze pillars of her twin
breasts poured blue waters into
all the oceans of Life.

:: 07.31.2020 ::


Through white sheets of morning sun
I began knowing life and this tenderest
love. All of me awakened by the sweetest
most loving touches of Spirit!
Who is a Spirit encased in flesh,
began to see the cosmic universe?
I believe in the little kiss:
the tenderest touch of two lips
while two hands embrace the
eternal commitment of One.
And music is my Soul; any song
my Spirit whether music is gladly
or sadly received. And by life
the wisest heart knows the happy
song is glee and the saddest
annoying — but my wife, if life
is true then both happy and sad
are fields partly grown and ready
to reap. The skies are mentor
and clouds are nanny and this
moment every day we have is for
just us where I always hear us;
pleasing notes do sing: the union
of two into one on each season
while we embrace!

:: 11232015 ::


She’s my barracuda tooth
when I swim –drowning; locked
inside the ocean of my heart
And I am weak tired flipper-mouth
wishing to just taste the pearl
deep inside her clam shell soul
I asphyxiate, overwhelmed
by the prostate state of my engulfed life
I am love-plunged
obliterated heart
A blue-lipped kiss
liberates my soul
emancipated angel fish
stung my skin
to redeem
my drowning

:: 07-02-2015 ::


A melancholy-lust
bursting kiss!

:: ~ ::


within the core
of complexity
therein lies
sweet simplicity

:: 02-20-2014 ::


LISTEN to not my words
but the thrumming beat
within my chest
it speaks to you
and in between
those solid beats
an eternity I wait
just to kiss you

:: 01-26-2014 ::