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THAT Love-Bee
whose royal coat
i adore be love!
That love is
amazes me
and loyal-note
to the world:
pain is sharp
a laugh lighter
but love the regal
sting of love-bee!

:: 09-20-2018 ::

The Nectar of My Life

Detached petal 
Beneath a midnight sun
Catch your kiss 
Before it’s gone
i have your skin 
Within my soul
You’ve no other 
To burn so i go
i'm still planted 
Within the garden
Of the dead 
Keeping my stem toward 
The midnight sun
i'm the one you 
Pulled to blow 
Twisting within 
The charcoal air
i'm the spirit 
With a bee 
Stealing all 
The nectar 
Of my life
And if i pollinate
Before i'm gone 
Let it be somewhere
The daylight sun goes
Because i'm the spirit
With a bee stealing all
The nectar of my life

:: 10-07-2017 ::


THE deepest desire,
my heart
nothing lingers
, the broad sword
of life cuts
pieces into
smaller moments;
moments that
sometimes linger
–make it so!
that baby bees are
born within Spring!

i see you hold
the nectar of life
upon your tender
then pass that love
to another one
;never spoiled–
what nectar then
becomes honey for
the hive!

i’m unexplored
by pheromone–
the honey bee
be brilliant!


To be-bee is buzzing
more sound and then
so loved by bearing
seldom than honey!
SO-be so bee be love
my pure nature-heart!

It’s mostly scent
upon the tip of a moon-
lit hungry heart!
than all the bee-life
is so richly sweet!

I see-me most insanely
and the biggest star
of life: sun ! — A N D
takes me-my soul away unto
that/WHEN all LIFE
which only is higher
than skies who drench
those fields of my heart!
remember::bees::me:: life!

:: 06-29-2015 ::


here in my heart
bee hi’ve voir
smiling and stabbing
building new
arg, you ments!
it’s all here
within my heart
aggregate structure
like bee hive
i died honey drowning
and my flowerSoul
so sugary juicy
a vicious tongue
sucking blossom
all within your
Honey Stomach
So full of me
you said, ‘Sting!’
and flew back to
the hive of all
the souls you

:: 12-25-2014 ::