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IT is midnight; somewhere a storm has
overshadowed a Soul, in others, the storm
is a brilliant reprieve of false peace;
and words pour as molten gold.

A richness of undetermined wealth measured
by Spirit and not human needs.

I have become equal to fear and peace —
this i discovered with my never-closing eyes,
take away this discovery and many others
to share with all fellows. The proof of
existence is a blood-penned period at the
end of a written sigh.

And i write this previous sentence in honor
of Isidore Lucien Ducasse.

To discover your feelings have died and
the skin is a roof for a cemetery! This
pain causes me to pull upon my eyes until
they fall to the ground; and to realize
sympathy is a symphony of sensitive angels
who love us all.

To me; i love you. To everyone else, you
have been my teacher.

:: 04-16-2019 ::
e.p.robles (c) 2019


IF feelings are a thing
as sensations of stirring
and numbness a groom
without its bride
what of feelings
that include numbness,
for each of us to decide?
To favor feelings to live
as a gift bestowed surely
defeats if not ignores
the greedy plight of
numbness —
the disregard
of life!

:: 08-26-2018 ::


Into the splendor
of the day’s sunlight
Into the tender fray
of love’s sight

I kiss you
I kiss you
I kiss you

We wander along
together ~
singing our song
So much stronger
falling in love
while dancing
to birdsong

And I don’t care
what the day may bring
as long as the bird’s
sing and the moon
brings me to you

I’ll always take
~ a chance
I’ll always sigh
~ a little sigh

while stealing
a little kiss
from my baby

While dancing with
my love within the
dreamy moonlight

And singing along
with the birdsong
all night long

:: 02-08-2018 ::


To which THAT one awakens: it is not just the “me”
but the flesh that covers my modesty / we call
it humanity | as though each flesh of island
requires labels to offset such nonsense
as separatedness!

Being born is a moment; first steps then
tears and fears ensue /burst of self awareness
and as you knew: life is not short and you can
truly fly if you do not forbid something
indescribably precious for, “which no one ought
to see …”
i say life is not weird
but the human condition
the ribbon of perception told billions
of times within the lie of separatedness.
If i am alone then 7 billion too —
silliness! One is all and all is One
and all other perceptions shadows dancing
upon the walls!

:: 01-16-2016 ::


SO             kill  me.               HATE        ME.

say how much                 you love me
BEE cause i’m weak.

and so you waste me
and my name // SO YOU
are the only One
are the only whore
who hates me \\

so don’t kiss me
or rave how you love
to hate me or love me
cause we’re dead.
And hell is full
and busy with lost
thoughts of the dying!

So   r  ape     m e.

:: 01-11-2017 ::


GIVE me peace give me
it again forgive me
(beautiful) who I hate again
love me kiss my mouth
feel my anguish again
hate me hate me again
tell me i’m the only one
And i don’t want to be with you
never loved your truth
so kill me and relieve me
oh if you’re my friend
rape me again and give me
the freedom of life again
Taste me and see i’m an angel
Oh god give me a single word
oh god give me a sharp sword
to cut the throat of this one
who rapes me again and again

:: 11062015 ::


And love come to me
more beautifully
than the still fields
of a waiting spirit.
A pain within the heart
as a best friend leaving
me i should not want,
and if love should leave
;a dispute to perish
ought be fought.
The strategy of Cupid
within shrubs should keep
the cherub of this
pronounced affection for you
— it should come!
All through me, by me,
by you, with us eternally.

:: 11012015 ::

h us eternally.

:: 11012015 ::


when i am in love, my lips do
not speak
and this is the Autum-Time
of all my loving
and you are such a sunlight
within color of table-cloths
when-WIND rush in Doubt or To
snare the timid-like
so little warmth i have
felt — feel me glowing and i
sat with you watching the sun
grow so low As the November
evening mauls a New Curve of
love where lovers kiss and
(i kissed flesh like a boy
toy-balloon heart lifting
the highest portion of this soul)
as the ancient words of mouthLife
obscurely twitch through With breathing
as(honestly loving)Lips of a deep
lap THE enormous mindless passion
dreaming within wakefulness i
say: “What her mouth thinks of
(as if it were her engine-
then i am a piston fired)me
she shows in summers as the
keeper of those eyes i feel, love
through all of time yeah yeah

:: 09-10-2015 ::


IT won’t be long before they cut you down
you can run on for a long time until
they cut you down . . .

with all good & gracious news
have you ever heard the saddest story
in a prison — it’s the saddest story

languish in a dark cell
chunks of masonry fall
stealing any sleep you have
is a long-time never been
where dreams evaporate quietly
an easy place to blow up all
your problems and so easy to break
down inside of yourself

i am the halo around an angel
called My Sweetest Death
i am the core of all i know
i am that i am more
i am so happy with the Divine Presence
the source of all my rewards

have you ever heard the saddest story
in a prison — the saddest story
a prison called MIND

:: 09-04-2015 ::


Besides the morning, laying beside
carved within you a grand mouth
of the mourning speaking-Sun
beams brilliantly singing
how she prepared this day;
(sentiments are nice)
“The dead, but loved,”
are sputtering in the fields
as fireflies, the sunlit-bowl!
i could only reply, “to speak
of that age of skyfilled Sprites
and when fog was dragon’s breath!”
And are the rivers still bleeding?
Last fall’s snow still remains
as so many things within the air,
still; wishes, dreams, kisses,
and entirely collapsed spirits.

:: 07-27-2015 ::