Daily Archives: August 31, 2020


my MIND is of blood, coal fires, so many

deaths — aquilon as a warm blanket across

my heart — with no image of hate nor

vengeance!  Oh, never! 

  And yet corrupt souls embrace it.

      politicians, high priests, and

senators:  die!

  A common soul;  a common person controls

the fate of all things.  And who wishes

blood?  Blood flowing through the streets?

   If so, if so, then my soul wishes war;

vengeance; terror!  for the children and

women who are slain for this madness! 

  As nations writhe in its bite:

enough republics!

  enough of emperors and calloused kings.

     so be it if we shall be crushed

so be it if America and great nations

vanish.  The voice of an any poet shall

spread vengeance across cities and over


:: 08.31.2020 ::