Daily Archives: August 2, 2020


Hey oh hey darling
  how the leaves fall
from trees
all my life please
   just touch the
fallen leaves
   take me so closer
to you :  i am far away
so far away until the
wearing of my heart
fades away like night:
tonight my heart is
on the loose || oh
   my girlhood could have
desecrated you;  avoid infecting
the world:  my insides purged
my bloody tales with teeth
as an animal of a clean savior
to scour love.
:: 08.02.2020 ::


escaping from a world full
of images and a tiny screen
full of memories

i died not reaching 10k
rage rage said the light
but my shadows grew

i forget what they want
i forget the stone of my birth
you held it ; go
i’ve had better days
with myself and pink skin
;imagine the danger imagine
forever –> they get what
they want they get what they
need but never again.

:: 08.02.2020 ::


TO be so sad that your tears
flee you is the greatest depth
of sadness.

the perfect point to hit upon the
diamond:  shaving off all humanity
and anyone else…
     whoever gave
a damn is not anyone
i ever knew and that tears me apart.
breaks my heart.

I watch from the tiny window of my
decaying Soul.  

::: 08.02.2020 ::


THESE times are
not good times
— see, the luck
the world’s had
could make a normal soul
turn bad \the last time i
dreamed i dreamed the world
i once had; so your love (lord
knows) is off the market till
August. Funny faces and
bad jokes help Her to laugh.
saying, “you’re bad product
so your friends are all gone,
you survive.
this time:
these times,
like everybody

:: 08.02.2020 ::


\   after the worst of days
of any age –on these nights
when blood meets moonlight
never feel bad for me.

i was glad
    to grow upon any night
so winds sing sounds–the
gates are near


when i wake up–Over there,
framed by a heart whose ventures
i love;  take me August nights!
after the worst of days

of any age
on these nights
when blood meets

:: 08.02.2020 ::