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SYNCRONICTY is going to get you  like a rap upon the head–>  soon you’re going to bedead/laughing within the faceof love\ while looking to getyourself together — what areyou thinking of ?    Instantlife and karma against the human race, laughing in the faceof people like them:  so we arefighting all the world — the worldand sun and moon  and come on.yeah.  alright.  aww.  yeah.      the emptiness of dawnis this human race — like you seelaughing like a superstar   : we all shine on everyone : synchronicity is recognizing yourbrothers sisters (everyone you meet)no need to dare they live without fearso we all all shine like the sun… yeah yeah aww ah.   its up to you.    right against your face.
::  08.08.2020 ::

UNTITLED (draft)

fear and anger bisect SOCIETY with Love;
one woman one man can consume all of Life
One called dream lucious love — is the
name / i assure you on the other side of the
glass you are\ to feel and know the hollowness
inside you & to know it is right where it belongs
upon the bridge of ‘across the divide’
i look back at the sacred goal — bullet holes ::
fragments of memories! for love we left behind
the sense of stability in our own timelines.

:: 08.07.2020 ::


TO never solve miracles of science
TO never have crawled out of a c–ave
somber thoughts
although some are a blessing
to a curse
some ensure military solutions
never understood words : but if
i ever lose my love | IF i ever lose
my Faith …my faith in you |
come home with me…that i may fill
my arms with you.

:: 08.07.2020 ::