Daily Archives: August 22, 2020


we can walk upon the house
through closed doors
across the kitchen without
making sound —
we can walk across the moon
leave trash and mark our
print as humanity like we do
all from reliable heat
of the academic thoughts of
ego — knives and guns reproduce
the fever:
a giant step we take
breaking legs.
so troubled with sex appeal which
media mentions and corresponds so
wonderfully — oh beautiful blue
whales:  that glide effortless
as an early fever in early
odic enchantment/keep it up/
oh oh\ keep it up / within the
deepest creases of human-animal

:: 08.22.2020 ::


EVIL behind our back as a reflection
counting space and passion, a written
prose so sad — it’s a sad world;
when a man breaks a woman because
he can — where a face full of owls
glide the winds to touch your dry

Benediction and mermaid breasts
consequences across your cross
and face — to raise your hands
with love for a word spoken in
fitful nightmare dreams.

No newspaper on the front porch
no milk bottles at 5 am today
i expected suffering for only
myself and my handwritten eyes
oh, no one knew anything

but my criminal spirit
and women who cried to the moon
and drank the voice of blood
and evil deeds of lust and flesh
as frogs croaking and serving roots

nothing to lose and no begging
her eyelids fluttered and floated
to meet disunity and a single finger
waving — BURST in the AIR and give
hell to pay //obligations and death
meet in the middle.

:: 08.22.2020 ::