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So many hurts so many days
so another night; slowly
closing within lonely nights.
i can remember those words
like molting lava burning,
touching me — freezing my skin
— can i still pretend
you still love me?

Feeling memories and crazy
losing sleep and found i am
way too deep into you —
i can’t believe your gone.

pretending you still hold me

Whereeever you go
i am with you
Whatever you dream
i dream too
whenever you need love
i am here for you.

after the rains
after the flames
after the tears

i watch the shadows
fading —
so hithard
i cannot see who
crossed my heart

But you were the first
and shall be last

and i will be the same.
tic-tock time across
the fragile wall
and i will be back
to see who fell
across my heart:

you were the first
and will be the last.

:: 01-23-2018 ::


i  sleep so tired
My head so worn
And talk so cheap
Like when I sleep

They come for me
All inside my head
And when i pray:

They say, “Talk so Cheap!”
i don’t think i’ll survive
Cause every single night;

They come for me —
Those ones within my brain.

Dream police
Come with handcuffs
— You know when we talk
And those false rumors
Keep me awake every single
Night driving me insane!

And those men in black
Live all within my head
— Well i cannot tell
If i fell to sleep Tonight!
Every single night they
Drive me so insane and all
Within my BRAIN:

I try to dream — but every time
They persecute me all without
A judge or jury and now i stay
Awaken with one eye closed
To keep away the zombies,
Vampires, wolves, and
Monsters of this zone!

It’s the dream police —
ICE, and governmental
Whores; the people of
Every shade.

Like, talk so cheap.

:: 01-23-2018 ::


NEVER MET a finger-Word!
the some=thought One
could place a touch upon!
On time’s nobly proportioned
and monstering horror swallows!
and once said, “each time my
heart broken makes life

:: 06-06-2015 ::


I WOKE you from your slumber
not knowing the animal you were
and you ate me — heart and soul
Your bites made me cry

I dove like a feather
against a hurrican sky
you were busy — so busy
tasting my spirit and soul

You were a monster
living in my heart
just a monster
doing your part…

I want to have control
give me the reins of life
I just want to move on…

I want to start over
Yeah — but I realize
there’s nothing left of me

You were a monster
living in my heart
just a monster
doing your part…

I’m half of what I use to be
just a pie in the sky
a slice of a feather
floating from hell to heaven

I’m a broken record
nothing more than a skip
across the stylus of love

You were a monster
living in my heart
just a monster
doing your part…

I want to have control
but my head is in my heart
nothing good comes from this
so I cry and laugh all the same