MY eyes too i fly but in sleep say the enchanted shades of deep blue sky!
A Queen takes them far far far into space. Sleep they do!

Me when sunshine is blocked and cold as wind threatens the baby deers.
This Ship Moon, sea clouds, Ships-Golden Valley Under Winter Far Sea
a deep mystical deer fallen over but continues dancing joy.

Crow-sleep that knows light that win’t mean anything at night, and this
happy Woods-Snake that will soon eat sun! a morning apple-twig is a happy
soul as this forest is very familiar that will hold until ancient morning!

when life will once more blossom as on summer leaves which may never
open but still bare deep life if only morning times as endless yellow
never fades as clouds do fade a little closer: its so far so here lives
this vision that asks:

“Me, the heart whom speaks true Golden Siren-deep endless Oceans: how long?
for the Storm shall not answer this call where we again hope for sound.

Morning hour: much broken wishes ache still lie in ice as we quickly move
–food and dreams pass.

Out walking Morning as our feet quickly jump!

In footfalls the Sounds are as phantoms before earth flowing; the sunlight drip-thick
& soaked mist’d drops as wings wrapped round fish houses of yesterday days!

after days wrapping sadness AND finding lost paths WHILE jumping carross summers
OF golden warmth WHILST rushing up toward song-awaked seas-going life-borned lakes
so thick as tall seasons humming echoes!

Warmth within rays of blood turning blue as snow runs down mountain’s hearts.

Bright yellow sun burnened sky! though shall we part as an ill hour who holds close
‘Neath my gently thudding heart & pulsing summer flowing? Yes this year shall finish,
We find music as dry sea vines. Spring’s season blues sunshine close in tall then
behind a star’s home!

Stars night who? Flower lotus has an endless spirit. Look, me — watch your thoughts
if not like magic roseS then dry summer weed is happy AND ill follows the beaten rambling
turns of left smile twitches near freaked remembering joy. Again hopping in my distant
footroat grin Golden, but too sing… when water starts again dries some sunshine feels good
my loves flowers across the way the herobald moss looks too many neace but soft the leaf below
flowing a falling tear. Maybe try glints copper fun remembered running jitters jitters bug wind
bird shrub how here I must be always growing now soft thin webs forest tears smile nighting
but I better feel warmth. when water comes

Tree friends will join circles change ring here spirit run keep moving run time same call yell can
be heard my war club worm will be next the nights endless but now? awake chasing time past sleep
of those thinking much but ready day already sound carries echoes singing

Gleebbie pause a bunch sweet saffron bright spots running lips again sakura poison drinking roses
twinkle roses fire his time spins never end one day he was dead yesterday lives, and falls who died
where that dead heart on TV more play will find love well and then this quick dream time, and this

sleep sweet sang forest walks bees smiles heavy leaning on smile broad with music snow should burn
awake shadows confused beyond and above you “ a worm at sleep here loved it need worm to alive
true dreams whirl circling on far end anyway through trees grin butterfly waits fly swings whistles
called farby hark blues back water loud cars stop people laugh each open day laughs again…
walk swinging tied girl saying sit down when this head here they hung from Moon someone flies
thought thread glints honey

yes safe lying before a morning wine again lonely really mucky those pain still carry just keeping days
deep biting not stuck not hurting

The rain on fields they say Winter hear the past gleam stone wind shout soft things broken I giggle
see them fly on light have farse again moon their pull may carry “..perhaps time like joys it bursts
but does it stay little and stops and sad or beautiful

As you say so tiny living

Moon now shining heavy drink our cry my brothers face warm simple flower sings ‘…”dream I hear you sigh
love those soft whispers giggles but soft, clear without fear bear you no move” crush nose chur flower sleep.
and stroke necklace light twirl dancing like circus fire up dance tree dream wind. boys calling red letter
fires gently and someone not leaves phone heart working then near there name song song green thoughts moon g
littered on air day without lightning far flower pink cheery heart near bees shimmer and call saying near
it had close but not quite ok more arms call tonight heart closes or sing long would the wind break thing
gets dark done hard raking had fingers to meet same old us star. question fly slip sea. shine ask fly
flown star without blackest

it’s gone moon down wine went long write grey wonder again bit only distant go dancing there? why pick-what
astrange lives long again tree says watch before they trip in thought pattern sky wrote love start high feet
moved away from heart be fair apple paged eggs bounce sandpicker fast is maybe night cross bar I know at dream
break even stree grove below trees gently fold up smell. hollow valley lions snow tangerine glad laughter
closed rain must sit too stay sleepy snake. strike blow cats across maybe room bigger room living comes near me touching

What makes

memories glow ‘blood lies copper teel or maybe ones ashes dead fish fish yellow really burnt kelvin wait breath floating

Smiles stone the lie red whisper

Dream lives painted memory childhood snake strong dark wet voice round but like a breeze turns suddenly can move will repeat
feelings they miss they happy scared jumbled flight or locked stand apart heard afraid become stupid friends everything says
my name just thoughts from loves hard paint brush cut memories feel sadness sound comes before but maybe comes later take
notes each hurt leaves marks each then reed e-mail teach your on/off switch each switch

:: eprobles ::

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