Daily Archives: February 23, 2022


earth EATs me as wind howls
‘come over here’
we can have a fit doing it HERE :

beat meat outta here
beat meat outta me
beat meat outta here
so beat me friend

–let’s do something
new/love you so much
it makes me sick\/
beat meat

outta here
aaaaaaah ooooooh
yeah ~~~~ aaaaah

rosy has a twix
between her two perfect

:: 02.22.2022 ::


SOFT slipper, coffee, cat *fed*
reading sad news i laughed
how the world blew its head
And anchors held their breath
must ask Musk about Mars
they’re sending pointy spears
into that atmosphere soon
Noticed how the sun changed
once we ran under its light
now burn scorned at its white
yellow used to be a thing
dresses, glasses, cars
and flying machines
/then cern came\ …rewind
things happen before their done
walked from work to home before
6 am and fell into a dream that
couldn’t be seen : i can never
count from infinity to one
but could really turn it on
/phillip are you awake: sir,
the universe needs to know\
[in the basement waiting
for the white van to come]

:: 02.22.2022 ::


THE swallows flew into a flock
and roosted in reed-beds
while the skygod turned off
all light
and the world became me.
tomorrow became now
clearly i can see
another around Cypress Hills.

it creeps until its moment