Daily Archives: February 26, 2022


a passion of darkly cast hooks
screaming my name hey look
black sweet blood
mouthfuls having fits
hauls me through the air

:: 02.26.2022 ::


TODAY in my head substanceless vacuum;
a mile away from God.
a foot away from insanity.

How i’ve heard excited breath
atop a spinning heart!
a breathless word.

lost pisces jesus’ soul
drawn into the tar pit trap
of a world’s incurable cancer.


Thirsty like the reed and the gourd.
Bursting like a wild lion.
The jaw breaks open under the weight.
And before it dies it jumps into the
air for the world.

All the pieces that feed on sweat, blood and tears.
The last day will come with a death never spoken
and shall not make the others unhappy.

There are too many victims of self-deception.
Every man or woman makes their choice.
Every moment.
Those who are hungry.
Those who are lonely.
Those who are poor.
Those who are rich.
Those who are dead.
Those who are living.

The desert always hollers under an impassive sky.
No one hears it no one.
The desert always cries under the sky.
All of us stand alone.

When the sun goes down the moon gains the sun
and closes the circle and whatever will remain
will stands for the desert and the sun.

Accidentally invented: the beauty of Love.
Death is truth.

Go in peace Everyone.

Where anywhere is the Desert always hollers
under an impassive sky abstaining from all forms of greed.

It cries to the lonely, the dead, the dead, the rich.

:: 02.26.2022 ::