Daily Archives: February 8, 2022


Just a cause by the way.

She awoke at midnight; white was the window
beyond blue slumber of moon-soaked bare
asses, drenched years pass of vision’s veils of /Sundays
she dreamed of red — her nose bled:

enjoying a message in a bottle
oh a message in a bottle yea
from hundreds of years ago

Enjoy in God and be weak and chaste
a burgeoning love upon the waves
she thirsted day and night — wishing someone might get
her message in a bottle //

Writing filthy angonies
toward divine labor that warps a world
she said, “the mourning after love, then the sadness.”

:: 02.07.2022 ::


LOVE is a shadow of:


building a strength
beyond congeniality

She — a baroness
a busy busty Queen
of Hearts so dynamite
blew most minds…

I? A King of Minds
so let them come get me
in their royal robes
those rich bastards!

Most are drunken cocksmen
two-timed bastards
rebel fuckers
says my “mouth of saints.”

:: 02.07.2022 ::


my FINGER is broken-ART moving
into deep caves of your Brain
Yolar following me — a beautiful
fluttering butterfly: an extraterrestrial
being to you. We are versed in
concept of ‘time’ and wonder how
it is you exist. It is the experience
of humanness :

“Take all my singing thy mingling life!

Slender thoughts be slender limbs of

one nestled dove-like heart I hear:

singing! Singing! Tears of my tears

and thy heavy blossom-bosom Springtime!

She wears a summer’s dress of pink and white
cavernous depths of romances carve perfume
love of Light!

Upon your eyes between dream of blue-gray
questions! See to see! Feels. ~~ immense
kissing lips. Is Human.

:: 02.07.2022 ::


FOOTSTEP     near COLOSSAL mouth
  eating   life   by minute
were we once human?

   DEATH smiles     hanging
 chance by time  TOGETHER are
they!  DEATH and TIME!  

  tick-o’tock fucking everything
in its path.    One thing always
the same:  dirt, dirt, dirt.
 that which buries our bodies
when we give up the Ghost.

  How intellect saves us then.

Our positions, titles, loves,
real estate and money.  All an
illusion for false gratification.

  i loved a flower
within her soil.  Her petals are
greatly beautiful color.

  Tiny fingers as a new born.

WE conquered the evil.
  ATE the evil and spat it out.

And went for ice cream upon a
beautiful morning.

:: 02.07.2022 ::