Daily Archives: May 5, 2022


she gave me Life
just being

How the broken
and pour cry
each dying day

perfect upon Heavenly Love
then became

–> The world wakes up
to tones of great wisdom

THEN we all live in perfect

hello? this is Language
and i make my Own Rules.

:: 05.05.2022 ::


BETWEEN the braids of golden Time she laughed
hours and chased a feather in the Wind by divine
right all my love is for you

How Sunrise became weak and Hearts Wept
the bullfrogs sang,

‘ i love you more when i see Nothing /just the truth\

i wanna hold the hand that is holding you
i wanna see something when i look at you
— but Nothing

We live our lives and some in the shadows
you find love and you go inside your darkness

  • 2 b so afraid of Love!

:: 05.05.2022 ::


O i 8 you 2
b’ lasted
all cares )oh
wow oh wow oh
why why why(
i’m a brain
i’m a spirit
i’m eating you
you’re eating me
today! Day!
Day! Days!
i’m a brand
i’m a brand
if we could
find chi
yeah, sheesh!
Tired! Tired!
Tired! Tired!
so we began:
we began to

Now I’m so Happy
🙂 are you Sad?

:: 05.05.2022 ::


WOULD you kiss me if i failed you?

Would you be my Knight in Shining Armor?

If i told you how i’d hurt you?

Can you feel me my friend oh, my love-hurt?

Can you feel my love hurts?

Today is Mother’s Day
but i failed to see her
for decades so please
forgive me when I return
my heart — embryo!
how we hurt like a wave against

Sandcastles and Empty Hearts.

:: 05.05.2022 ::


Ecliptic Nebulae, the stones of
My Web; O God, make I a star,
as I’m a star!

We love not Time, love not Love
We love not World, live not
but within a Golden Empire!

The Soul that by
Soul’s Influence governs
the moons, stars & mega-verse
is eternal Love the Moon
has no sun — the Heart
no chaperone eloping
became Big Bang thrills!

:: 05/04/2022 ::