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A midevil budweb nested-in/between the dizzy lights and trees the gold-crystal chandelier ‘whistling’s-theed gongs and passing-through eyes of a glance Sidle of illg*d man-on-board happened moments to scowling preacher before school-time sank us and days to his back-against-the-wall-of-dust-of-sunlight time could so easily feel lost- lost: own-loss-and a loss of himself.

Today all but home is back-gone-over with long face/teeth breezy thin island wayfarer telling/telling-trees/oak/willow speak with their tiny whimpery voices the white-robed God reached to angel sister, lady-in-blue (also dressed like a nun/a priest), our neighbour (practically twins/brother/daughter),
that woman with the hilarious coat/winged tights (actually her leg), to the Rabbi who knows your name/the Church down-road. (the fat lady with the very shapeless dress) looking at her the big guy (that very tall guy/very tall woman) seated in the car who know when-if you smile they-yes, she knows he’s already at the top of her special “likes” list/well-designed “decoration” of humans.

His help in the wedding-party would come from afar (he sat by the front of the screen) twenty he looks-back/thinks it-it, now! (one of many that had not helped: oh, oh, oh.) soon it would be bedtime in a green patch. (the one of we ordinary people) music from another world will creep upon the wailing bells (our one) and echoing hollow-type churches. (do not even blink) the hollow sound of a loud bell:
“well-known man” is there now in the middle of the church yard looking through all that pall of fog-jungle trying to see who it is that’s shouting ‘no’ with his big “no!” which bursts our cherished bubble of the real world!

(a wood-working shop-front A very-old man with a secret living-without covering in another world stands up to embrace the old woman. A poor sap in a wheel-chair!) (A poor sap, also in a wheel-chair!)
And, instead of joining in the youth-lifting-arms dance in the village, his “greetings” the happy bride/groom-applause! As if-no, as if-all those great Joke-comedians had never lived.
praise-joy- thanks-God all around:

“With every step my little frozen, smiling faces while a churchyard’s air is suddenly
bloomed into a violet twilight and the black-robed patriarch poured water on the…
dazzling bell-flutes.

A sudden chill in the air and a tree/fairy appears. The skull and bones, almost beautiful, but a skull and bones. The nose-less lip-less and parted, the eye-less eyeless eye-less. You see the faceless piece of head: the pointed cranium is not a skull: it is.

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