Daily Archives: May 28, 2022


THIS THING called Tourette’s
where I sometimes stop breathing.

Good morning, my children. This day shall soon be
filled with wet wind, droplets of rain,
birds beginning their morning call,
snatches of birdsong from nearby trees.
Rain, our god, provides for the earth
With its rhythms. And yet this
drenched car park, unshod and
mucousy, here I stand. We are
all here on a rock. We will always
be here on a rock, as we continue
to flow, endlessly, into the ocean.

Together, my children, let us remember
the former days. The days when our words
were ragged and unsavory, language was crude
and violent, full of striking image and rhyme.

O, yes. Today we shall honour our words, as
we pick through the words. They have so hurt us,
and we leave them sodden in the rain.

It seems the air i breathe and touch, when walking
alone in the city has given me a disease
like Tourette’s.

I’m beginning to turn red or green, or blue,
sometimes not even my face has become a fault.

Lately, my head seems to be filled with ocean tides,
titian squid, clams, mussels, sand, ice;
specks of some faultless fish.

And here we stand, wet and lost, looking into the garden.

O, only the garden.
O, only the garden

The stars were dying in the night
when I woke to find my brother dead,
from being driven by a steamroller,
into the ocean.

I miss him.

They were here, on the island, back when the skies
were blue and the seas breathed their contented

(Oh this hillside, what color is it with my words?
O, only blue.)

:: 12.10.2020 ::


And now, my dear husband, let me utter one word of warning.

Don’t let this ring for too long after I am gone, or the wild geese will think that you have left me, and come to look for me.
Let them think that, so long as they hear my voice, i am not over the mountains.

It is an old superstition, but let me have my way.
So long as I am calling you are not out of my thoughts.

I am still here.
I am waiting to be with you and to enjoy all that is yours.

All I ask is a little time, a brief hour or two, before I go.

Time is all that I need. Let me have that and all shall be as it was before.
For it is only you and i, who are dead.

what should i ever do? i love myself better than you.

:: 01.25.2021 ::